21 October 2013

Essie After school boy blazer

Hi guys!
Today I've got a really pretty polish to show you that I got as a gift: Essie After school boy blazer. My sweet boyfriend gave this one to me, together with another Essie and 3 Miss sporty duochromes, isn't he sweet?

After school boy blazer is part of the Fall 2013 collection. It's the darkest of blue crèmes, almost black. In most lighting you won't really see this is a blue, but I quite like that, I don't mind wearing such dark colours. And it applies like a dream! If you are careful you can apply this in one buttery coat, and it's so shiny! Clean-up is easy too, it doesn't stain like most dark and blue colours do.

I hope you guys like it, and see you soon!


  1. wow this is such a fantastic and rich color! I love it!

  2. Thanks babe! The formula was really divine

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