08 October 2013

Essie Stylenomics and some saran wrap marbling

Hi loves! What's up with you guys? I am looking forward to a little work related trip for work, we are leaving Sunday afternoon and fly to Krakow, Poland. From there we will drive to Wroclaw where our apartment will be. The reason we are going to Poland is that we are planning our 2 yearly volunteer project that our company does. This time we chosen a project in Poland, the rehabilitation center called Celestyn. They offer various therapies for disabled children and can use a hand in fixing and maintaining the property and buildings. Our visit is meant for introduction and to shoot some pictures and video's to help us get as many people on board when we go there next year!

Now, for today's manicure.. I have a lovely green from Essie called Stylenomics. This was released with their Fall 2012 Stylenomics collection. I am not sure when I bought this but it has been untried for a while.. the other day I felt like wearing something dark and pulled this one out!

I like that this one is a true hunters green, very dark obviously but not pulling teal or something. It does look black in dim lighting but I don't mind. It applied easy, only thing I don't like is the big fat brush it comes with, I like the skinny salon brush better! I used 2 coats.

Because just a plain creme manicure doesn't always satisfy my needs I decided to accent 2 nails with a golden saran wrap marble! I used China Glaze 2030 for this, which works great :-).

How do you like the combo of the plain nails and the marbled ones? Tell me in the comments!


  1. This is gorgeous! ♥

  2. Love this! I would have done a full manicure with the saran wrap though :D

  3. I love those saran wrap nails! The combo of hunter green and gold go really well together!

    Sounds like a fun trip! (Especially since it's work related!) You guys are so lucky that you can country hop over there in Europe since all those country's are relatively close. I only have Canada that's close, and it's super boring (though it still feels exotic, lol).

  4. Thanks dear, looks good huh?

    Yeah it is superfunny, last weekend we went to Germany for some shopping, Belgium is only 20/25 minutes away from my home, Poland is a flight of 2 hours though, but still superclose :).

    Haha Canada is still on my "want to travel there" list, the nature there looks so great! My boyfriend has family there so we really should go there someday.

  5. That is a beautiful rich hunter green. I don't know why I passed on the Stylenomics collection, there must have been a collection from Zoya or OPI that caught my eye instead. I think this is still available and I really need this gorgeous green for fall. I love green.

  6. so pretty! The wrap marble looks like moss agate <3

  7. Thank you Cin! This might be still available indeed - hope you can find it!

  8. Oooh that's nice! I hope we can do some sight seeing though I am not too sure since it is for work, but we have an apartment in the center of the city! I'll definitely look for little dragons :).

  9. Marisa (Polish Obsession)09 October, 2013 18:56

    Love it!! Gold and black are perfect together.

  10. To doida para testar essa técnica!! Ficou muito Linda as cores!


    Unhas da Tabata

  11. Surya Maiglöckchen09 October, 2013 19:22

    I was lucky, my uncle which drived us there has used a new navigation app for his tablett which didn't work very well, so we had a sightseeing tour for about 1 and a half hours by car - and I still believe I didn't see a lot from Wroclaw.
    If you see an Inglot Shop you should go in and enjoy their nail polishes ;)

  12. Just like gold and green ;-).


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