02 October 2013

Eyes on Instagram

Hi loves! Welcome to the second installment of "Eyes on Instagram"! I was browsing through some great account when I realized there are so many talented ladies out there, who don't have a blog or anything, and only posts their nails on Instagram. I got intrigued and wondered what was the reason they chose this medium, how did the start out and how do they reach new followers? That's what this series is all about, meeting the ladies behind the IG accounts!

Let's see which Instagrammette introduces herself to us today!

Instagram name: @uk_nails
Real name: Jenny
Little introduction (who are you, where are you from, what do you do?):
I'm 21, live near London, England. I recently graduated with a BA (hons) from Leeds University and am now saving to go traveling for a year. I leave in May and I'm going to make my account a nails-on-tour type thing! This way I can document my travels whilst still doing nail art and my followers can get the best of both worlds!

When did you start your Instagram account?
I started about 6 months ago but I didn't really know what I was doing! I think i've improved a bit and it's quite interesting to look through your photos and see how far you've come!

Did you start it to be a blog or have you grown into this?
I didn't start my IG account to be a blog and I don't think it is, in a traditional sense, but I think there is a new kind of 'blogging' scene emerging which Instagram fits perfectly. A kind of quick, to the point taster of something that interests you. I like how with Instagram the photo speaks more than the text that goes along with it. They say a picture speaks a thousand word and I think a platform like Instagram is the perfect way to embrace that. I'd love to start a blog I just don't have the time!! :(

Are you a nails only account?
Yes, although I post about nails products (only occasionally) as well. I also feature other peoples nail art on Fridays (Feature Fridays), picked from my tag #uknailsff.

Why do you only post to Instagram?
I think I pretty much answered this above but to sum up: it's quick, accessible on the go, and lets the photo do the talking. I also love having a news feed to see what other people are posting instantly without the hassle of opening each blog.

How do you take your pictures, and what is your favorite camera app?
I use the camera on my Iphone5, I am looking to buy a macro lens for it so I can take better quality close ups, and a fish eye lens to be a bit arty. My favourite camera app is instacollage, it's easy to use, has a lot of options to play around with and uploads directly to IG. As an added bonus, it's free!

What is your favorite nail related Instagram account?
It's gotta be @nailstampfanatic her nails are always incredible and I'm extremely jealous of her nail stamping skills as I am truly terrible at it!! You won't find any photos of my nail stamping attempts on my IG as I'm too embarrassed to post such fails!

What is your most liked picture?
My most liked picture was a vintage flower design I did on my Moms nails. It was the first time I'd done flowers and I was really pleased with how they turned out. It took me SO long though, I'm a bit quicker at it now!

What word of advice do you have when it comes to posting your nails on Instagram? Any do's or don'ts?
Clean up! I think clean edges makes the world of difference to how your nail art looks, I use a small paint brush dipped in nail polish remover with a high acetone content. Don't forget to use a cuticle oil or cream after though as the acetone does dry them out; I use Lush Lemony Flutter.

The only 'don't' I have is not to put up with trolls! If someone doesn't like your work they are perfectly entitled to that opinion. However being rude, hateful and spamming your IG is unacceptable petty and immature. Instagram has report abuse and block user functions, use them! I don't think that sort of behavior happens often and i haven't ever had any abuse but I have seen girls who have and life is much to short to waste your time with that nonsense!!

Favorite picture
My favourite picture is of some doodle nails I did for the May Nail Art Challenge set up by @californails. It was a really fun mani to do and I got a lot of compliments on them, Models Own twitter account retweeted them which was awesome! I just wish I'd put a matte coat over the paper aspect before I added the doodles. I think this would've given them a more realistic look - like ink on paper - and made them even more interesting. I'm a big fan of using matte top coats! They are amazing to experiment with!

Thanks Jenny for participating in this experiment! Hope you enjoyed taking part :-).

If you are reading this and you post nails to Instagram only (so it doesn't have to be a nails only account, but if you "blog" on Instagram I am calling for you!), let me know if you want to take part! You can reach me easily at lovevarnish@gmail.com.

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