16 October 2013

Eyes on Instagram

Hi loves! Welcome to the third installment of "Eyes on Instagram"! I was browsing through some great accounts when I realized there are so many talented ladies out there, who don't have a blog or anything, and only posts their nails on Instagram. I got intrigued and wondered what was the reason they chose this medium, how did they start out and how do they reach new followers? That's what this series is all about, meeting the ladies behind the IG accounts!

Let's see which Instagrammette introduces herself to us today!

Instagram name: @emshipply
Real name: Emily Shipp
Little introduction (who are you, where are you from, what do you do?):
I'm a cosmetologist from central Maryland. I work as a nail tech at two different jobs, but I'm licensed to do hair, facials and waxing as well.

When did you start your Instagram account?
I started it a while back on my old ipod touch when my friend ditched Facebook for Instagram and I wanted to stay in touch, but I really got active when I got my smart phone in October of 2012.

Did you start it to be a blog or have you grown into this?
I think I started it just so I could have a place to send my clients so I didn't have to carry my nail wheels around with me. It was an easy place to store photos of my nail art. I don't think it occurred to me at first that I was joining a community where I'd get to know so many amazing people who think like I do and have so many of the same interests and who understand me in such a unique way. I did consider creating a blog at one point, but I think that this Instagram community is more than enough for me. I am able to have a voice here and share my thoughts and advice without feeling guilty if I go off the grid and don't post anything new for a week.

Are you a nails only account?
I am a mostly nails account. I posted whatever I wanted for a while, but I made the conscious decision a few months ago to go through and delete my non-nail-related posts, and to stop posting random things. I still occasionally post opinion pieces or life event pictures, but I often delete them after a day or two.

Why do you only post to Instagram?
Instagram is easy for me. If I'm particularly happy with a manicure, I'll check the box to post a picture to Facebook when I post it on Instagram, but I don't really manage a Facebook page for my nail art. And I feel like a blog is something I would quickly fall behind on and abandon. The beauty of Instagram is that you can put it down and walk away for a while, and it will go on in your absense, but you won't feel like you're lost or out of the loop when you come back.

How do you take your pictures, and what is your favorite camera app?
I take my pictures with my phone's camera. It's too much work for my personal comfort to use my digital camera and my computer. I keep everything related to Instagram on my phone. My favorite app for editing my pictures is probably Picsart, which is the app I use to wrap my watermark around my cuticle.

What is your favorite nail related Instagram account?
Oh man, that's a really loaded question... I have friends in the community, I have favorite accounts, I have favorite artists, I have favorite stampers, I have people who just know what colors to combine...

I'm gonna have to say that my favorite nail related Instagram account HAS to be @madamluck. I just don't think she's EVER posted a picture I didn't love. She's constantly amazing me.

What is your most liked picture?
My most liked picture is the one of my manicure using Royal Matterimoaning by Man Glaze and nautical water decals from bornprettystore.com. That makes me really happy, because it's probably my personal favorite, too.

What word of advice do you have when it comes to posting your nails on Instagram? Any do's or don'ts?
Be yourself! Get creative and DON'T BE AFRAID! If you think too much about what something is going to look like, you'll never try it, and you might lose something amazing. Other than that, clean your cuticles, pay attention to lighting and picture quality, and be civil. There's absolutely no reason for drama in this community.

Favorite picture
My favorite picture is the same as my most liked picture, so I'll share another favorite of mine, which is a purple gradient mani I did fairly recently.

Thanks Emily for participating in this experiment! Hope you enjoyed taking part :-).

If you are reading this and you post nails to Instagram only (so it doesn't have to be a nails only account, but if you "blog" on Instagram I am calling for you!), let me know if you want to take part! You can reach me easily at lovevarnish@gmail.com.

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