31 October 2013

My take on the Nailside Abstract '80s design

Hi loves! How are you today? Hope you are doing fine :-).

Now, for the manicure of the day... There is a Dutch blog called Nailside, hosted by Jane. Unfortunately it hasn't been updated since April 22nd but the website is a great source for various tapemanicures - this girl works magic with scotch tape!

One of the manicures on my to do list is the "Abstract '80s" design. Recently Sarah from Chalkboard Nails posted her version of this design and I decided to go for it too. It didn't came out as great LOL! I think my mistake was 1. using a too dark second color 2. creating too small sheer triangles making it look off.

I started with a base of L'Oréal Santorini Lagoon. Lovely shade but it stained my nails :-(. I needed 2 coats for an opaque result and it applied quite nicely, not too thin and spreading evenly. After it dried, I taped of 2 nails (I already figured it'd be safe to start with a double accent in case I failed) and used OPI I Saw.. You Saw.. We Saw.. Warsaw for the accent color. It looks a bit uneven in these pictures but it looked opaque in reality. After that dried, I taped of a triangle shape and used OPI Houston We Have a Purple for the last step.

Lookie, it's my Cinderella hand! I didn't go for the sheer triangle here ;-).

I wasn't blown away by these but it's a nice first attempt I guess. Next time I'll use different colors and create a larger triangle!

What do you think of these nails and this design? Ever attempted your own version?


  1. It looks good to me! I love Nailside, I keep checking for updates!

  2. Marisa (Polish Obsession)02 November, 2013 03:34

    Really cool!

  3. I think it looks great for a first attempt! Way better than what mine would be, lol. I fail at tape manis.

  4. Thanks Amanda! Yeah I miss her blog :( but she's a great inspiration

  5. ♥ you are always so sweet for me!

  6. Thanks so much! Tapemani's require a looottttt of patience.. sometimes I have that, sometimes I don't LOL

  7. Michelle Roberts16 November, 2013 18:29

    This looks great!! love it


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