14 October 2013

Shimmer Elsa

Hi guys!
It's been a while since I posted swatches of these awesome polishes by Shimmer, but I've still got a couple left. So today I have Elsa to show you.

Elsa is a mix of different sizes gold, blue and red glitters in a red tinted base. Even though it has a tinted base I layered 2 coats of Elsa over a red polish (Kiko 238 Martha red) to make it a bit easier to get it opaque.

Do you know what my first thought was when I saw this polish? Superman! It's got all of the colours of the superman suit lol. So here it is, superman manicure!


  1. So pretty! I just love Shimmer polishes!

  2. Ummmmm I think you mean... Supermanicure! :D very pretty x

  3. Pretty! Shimmer polishes are awesome :D

  4. Marisa (Polish Obsession)15 October, 2013 01:35

    Such a pretty glitter!!

  5. Omg, such a missed opportunity! lol
    Thank you!

  6. Yes they are, I really like almost all of them!

  7. Thanks Amanda! I really love them too


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