03 October 2013

Sinful Colors Rainstorm & Hard Candy Party Central

Hi loves! Everything alright? This is a scheduled post so noooo idea how I am doing LOL. Hope you'll enjoy this post ;-).

Today I have for you a lovely combo that was done so fast, because both polishes only needed 1 coat! I was thinking the other day I wanted to wear Hard Candy Party Central (thanks again Mimi for putting this in the swap package!) but wasn't too sure how to pair it. There is quite a lot going on in this polish and I wanted each color to pop. After searching through my Helmers I stumbled upon Sinful Colors Rainstorm and I remembered it being great in formula and application. I also loved the dusty touch to it and decided it would be a nice base for the glitter.

Hard Candy Party Central is a gorgeous mix of various glitters. There are 3 sizes of hex glitter (tiny, small
and medium) and what stands out the most in the mix is the addition of white glitter. It makes the other colors pop more in my opinion. Application was fine, the glitter comes of the brush easy though sometimes you'll need to push it around a bit in order to avoid clumps. With one coat of topcoat it smooths out perfectly!

I also mattified it after a day of wear to get a better look at the glitter. It looked great that way too!

What do you think of this combo? And how do you like the white glitter in Hard Candy Party Central?


  1. These two really compliment each other well, and you're so right--the little white glitters are a fantastic touch! Loooove it matted too. ;o)

  2. Looks great. I love both the pretty dusky blue shade and the multisized multicolored glitter. I think I like it better shiny rather than matte.

  3. This is great I like that the glitter actually compliments the polish really well and it doesn't clash at all (:

  4. Marisa (Polish Obsession)04 October, 2013 14:42

    Such a fun combo!! I love Rainstorm so much!!!

  5. I love this combo! You did such a good job in chosing the polishes!

  6. Thanks Elizabeth, those white glitters are fun huh?

  7. Thank you Cin! Shiny it really sparkles but I like how you can identify each bit of glitter when it's matte :)

  8. It's a great shade of blue - very happy I found it in Vegas last year!


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