29 October 2013

Swatches & Review - Bliss Polish Sons of Anarchy Collection

Hi loves! A prepped post today - I have the complete Bliss Polish Sons of Anarchy Collection for you! So, I am going to admit something but please don't hate me for it... I never even heard of Sons of Anarchy before Yvette released this collection *runs away*.

There are 7 polishes in this set and each one is named after someone or something related to the show. I'm showing them in alphabetical order to avoid favorites ;-). Because there a LOT of pictures just hit the "read more" to see the full post! These polishes will be available coming Thursday so if you see something you like, you can grab it soon!

Charming. The name of the fictional town SoA takes place. It's a white jelly base that holds a gorgeous golden shimmer and flakie (similar to 2nd Base I showed you earlier!). I used 3 coats for this and it is still a little bit see through, better to be seen when topcoated. It dries to a matte finish what I absolutely love! A very delicate and work appropriate polish but not boring at all.

Application was okay, it is sheer so be careful while applying it, as patches will be hard to cover. Let the coats dry properly in between to avoid dragging. After 1 coat it does apply better because the matte finish gives good grip to the polish.

Gemma. The name of Jax' mother. This is a thermal (I love these!) that goes from a bricky, dark red with a hint of brown when cold, transforming to a brighter red when warm. It is filled with both a shimmer and golden holographic glitter bits. The color transition is strong and easy to achieve. I don't have that much free edge right now but it still looked different on the tips compared to the nail bed.

It didn't apply nicely though, it's on the thick side and the first 2 coats were just not pretty. Luckily the third levels it out and I will add thinner next time I use it. As it dries it looks like a very gritty bumpy finish, though it feels smooth. Topcoat will even this out and leave you with a gorgeous, very pretty finish. I really fell hard for this one and didn't expect that at all! Also check this cool video :-).

Jax. The name of the main character and also a very handsome man ;-) *adding SoA to the must watch list*. There is a special reason this polish is grey, but unfortunately not relevant anymore: Charlie Hunham was cast as Christian Grey. A steel grey base color that dries matte and has a hidden holo sparkle.. My absolute favorite from this collection!

I read in a review someone found this a mess to apply. At first I wanted to disagree completely but have to add some nuance to this. Matte polishes usually dry quickly, which means you have to work fast. This also means you shouldn't really want it to look pretty at the first coat, but be more concerned you lay down an even base so the second coat can work on the opaqueness and level it out. Matte polishes are always tricky and you have to get it in the fingers a bit.

I used 2 coats and it dried to a gorgeous smooth finish that has the tiniest bit of sparkle. With topcoat this comes to life and the holographic sparkle isn't too hidden, though my type of lighting shows it a bit too easy.

Lyla. The name of the character linked to Opie Winston. A gorgeous berry jelly base that looks juicy, filled with a blue shimmer and golden flakes. This has a very summery feel to it and I am sure I'll reach for it again when the temperatures are going up instead of down. The golden flakes add a nice depth to it and the shimmer is beautiful.

It applied very well and evenly, though 3 coats are needed for a good opacity. With these kind of juicy shades I don't mind, it builds up nicely and gives a lot of depth!

Mayhem. I think this comes from the "Men of Mayhem" patch some wear on their club member jacket. This is a black base filled with holographic sparkle. It is a true black which I like a lot - usually these shades have a silver/grey sheen to them making less impact.

Application was a bit tricky, this was definitely a bit too thick and will benefit from some thinner. Because it was thick, it dragged a bit and I waited longer than usual between my 1st and 2nd coat. It was completely opaque at the second coat and a topcoat gives a nice shiny finish. The holographic sparkle is easy to be seen.

Opie. The name of the character that is Jax' best friend. A sheer grey jelly base, filled with tiny black specks, black & white glitter and holographic glitter. Together with Tara the one I cared for the least - grey jellies usually don't look that great on me.

I needed 3 coats for application and found it a bit troubling. You see the difference between my middle and index finger? Both are 3 coats but I couldn't get it as opaque or sheer on both nails. The glitter does spread nicely and you don't have to care about that when applying this one. The holographic sparkle plays nicely in the jelly base. I also mattified 2 nails for comparison.

Tara. The name of the character that's Jax' girlfriend. This is a pinkish/orange color in the bottle but I couldn't get that duochrome to show up on my nails (didn't check other lighting though, that usually helps). It has a strong violet/blue flash and looks quite metallic. Brushstrokes are visible when applying but almost vanish when the polish dries.

I didn't like the strong blue/violet flash in this one but it applies heavenly. Buttery and smooth, you only need 2 coats and a topcoat to be done.

There you have it, all 7 shades from the Sons of Anarchy Collection! Which is your favorite? Tell me in the comments!
Bliss Polish can be bought here, polishes are priced very reasonably at $8 a bottle. International shipping is available, starting at $7 for the first bottle and $1,50 for each additional one. You can also stay up to date with Bliss Polish on Instagram. Like I said, these will be available this Thursday so make up your wishlist and grab those beauties!


  1. WOW just WOW! I love this collex and your swatches are to die for, as usual <3

  2. Jax is my favorite but with topcoat. So pretty!

  3. I love the matte finishes! I wish more brands would just release matte polishes, so I wouldn't have to use a matte top coat all the time ;)

  4. Thanks so much Sam, you know how much that means to me!

  5. Bliss Polish is restocking tomorrow *hint hint* Yvette does matte finishes more often so that's great!


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