19 October 2013

Too Fancy Lacquer Hold Out The Olive Branch

Hi loves! How are you doing? Enjoying your weekend? I had a fun night yesterday with friends and today I've been swatching continuously - that's why I only have time for a simple yet effective post!

Too Fancy Lacquer Hold Out The Olive Branch is a gorgeous, green holographic polish. I wanted to wear it again but didn't want to leave it plain. What better way to jazz it up than using a stamp? I really should get some new stamping plates because I keep using the same images over and over again.. or maybe I am just not that creative. Anyway, I decided on the snakeskin pattern on Bundle Monster 215 and used Wet 'n Wild Black Créme to stamp with. I loved the holo sparkle that shined through the image!

What do you think of this combo? What stamping plates do you recommend?


  1. Stacy Plowman-Pennock19 October, 2013 22:14

    Oh wowzers, this is gorgeous!!

  2. Marisa (Polish Obsession)20 October, 2013 00:54

    Such a great green!!! Gorgeous mani Deborah!

  3. Thanks so much Stacy! And hey, nice new avatar :) (you used to have a doggie right?)

  4. Stacy Plowman-Pennock20 October, 2013 14:39

    Yes, great memory! That was my little Boston Terrier Annie, she passed away about a year ago. I decided it was time to let people see that I'm an actual person! :)

  5. Aww I am sorry about her passing, but it is nice to see the actual person now!

  6. Sabine @ My Polish Stash20 October, 2013 15:50

    I cannot recommend any nail plates since I pretty much suck at stamping, lol, but I do love this manicure!

  7. szépségblog Pöty cica20 October, 2013 15:59

    Beautiful manicure, I love it <3

  8. The snakeskin stamping goes perfectly with Olive, great pairing! <3

  9. Aww, thanks though dear :D!

  10. Stacy Plowman-Pennock20 October, 2013 22:51

    Thanks! This picture is from Eccentric Day at Bells brewery, it's sort of like Halloween in December. I especially like the green eyebrows!

  11. I think this is perfectly suitable, a real snake!

  12. It matches your glasses very well :D!

  13. Michelle Roberts24 October, 2013 09:06

    I LOVE this!!!!


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