20 November 2013

31 Day Nail Art Challenge - Inspired by a movie!

Deborah's manicure - Up

Hi loves! Something simple and colorful from me today - I was searching for movie posters when I stumbled upon this version of the poster for Up and got inspired to do a dotticure that fitted the original poster :-). I started out with a base of Bondi Blue Skies (yes this manicure is all made up with Bondi, no I am not happy with them because they still have my money and don't answer any questions, but that's not what this post is about) which is a lovely one coater blue. Very fitting for the background, too! Then I used my dotting tools and Bondi Strawberry Fields, Brick Road, Uptown Girl, Teal Magnolia and NYPD to create the balloons. 3 nails were done with an all over balloon look and my ringfinger was accented with 5 balloons on strands! This was done so quickly and it looks so happy and fun.

I really loved the movie Up though I cried a lot. I almost always cry over Disney movies *blushes*.

Did you ever see Up? And how do you like these nails?

Loqi's manicure -The Nightmare Before Christmas

Hi guys!
I am sooooo proud of this manicure! I have never done a successful freehand attempt before other than some leopard print, and for this manicure I did 2 nails that turned out great! I also got to do a homage to one of my favourite movies ever: The nightmare before Christmas! Quite perfect, since we are entering the holiday season. 

So, for this manicure I used just black (Wet 'n wild black crème and Konad black stamping polish), and white (OPI Alpine snow). I started out with all white nails (except for my thumbnails, I did them black) and then freehanded Jack's face and the curled hill with a brush and a dotting tool (I kept the hill quite bumpy on purpose, it fits the style). I also did the French manicure on my other fingers with a brush. Then I stamped the little building and the very 'Burton-esque' bushes from bm plate 224 on my middle and pinky finger. I was very careful to apply my topcoat floating, so I didn't smudge any black over the white.

What do you guys think? Did I do this great movie justice?

Stay tuned for challenge day 24: Inspired by a book!


  1. Both of these are awesome!

    Deborah - your's is so freaking cute, I can't stand it! And I cry at most Disney movies too (heck, I cry at CAR commercials, lol!).

    Loqi - Your's looks AMAZING! Great, great freehand job! And can you believe I've only watched Nightmare maybe twice in my life! I know, right?

  2. Both of these are so great!

  3. Both of these look amazing!

  4. :D glad it was recognizable! Thanks sweetheart

  5. Haha I am a big time crybaby too ♥ glad I am not the only one ;-).


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