22 November 2013

piCture pOlish Friday - Paradise by Liquid Jelly

Hi loves! Continuing with the piCture pOlish swatchaton, today I am showing you Paradise by Liquid Jelly! I actually got the chance to request one shade and this was it - I have been so curious about this one ever since it was released!

piCture pOlish Paradise is a lovely metallic shade that can look both teal, green and light blue depending on the lighting you are in. It is filled with a fine sprinkling of magenta glitter and larger holographic pink glitter too, making it very sparkly and festive. When it first arrived I just stared at it in the bottle for 5 minutes ♥.

On the nails, it needs 3 coats and applies easy. The formula spreads well without being runny, the glitter doesn't clump and it builds well to opacity. I do however feel it's a bit too gritty. After putting it on at night, sealing it in with a thick topcoat (an older bottle of Essence Better Than gel Top Sealer), I could detect the glitter when running my finger over the surface. It still looked smooth enough but this is what I was afraid of based upon other reviews.

I am also still not convinced on glitter in a metallic base but that's just personal preference. The bottle still sits on my desk to stare at and I am happy to have this in my collection, I just don't love it as much as I though I would ;-).

Excuse the nubbins, last few posts were pictures from before last weekend, when I broke my nail being drunk and putting on my gloves too enthusiastic.

How do you like this shade? And how do you feel about metallic based glitter polishes?
piCture pOlish is available on their own website, all information about shipping can be found here, and information on other retailers is found here. piCture pOlish is also on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and You Tube!


  1. oh, this is soooo pretty!!

  2. Heel toepasselijke naam!! Bijzonder lakje!!

  3. Stacy Plowman-Pennock22 November, 2013 22:07

    I'm intrigued by this one as well but something is holding me back and I think you hit the nail on the head. I'm not sold on the glitter in a metallic base, it's almost like there's too much going on, I don't know...
    Overly enthusiastic gloving eh? LOL! :)

  4. Thanks Danny, glad you like it!

  5. Bijzonder he? En de naam + lakje zijn geinspireerd op een onwijs toffe vogel ook :D!

  6. Glad you understand what I meant! It's hard to describe sometimes why something isn't jumping at you, because it's always so subjective.

    Hahaha yes I was like "COME ON GO glove" and then BAM hit my nail face down on a cupboard or something. But I don't really remember it very clearly lol

  7. Hmm, well the pics look great! But I know I have some metallic based glitters that I don't like. Like Stacy said, maybe it's just too much going on!

    I laughed at your drunken glove escapade! lol! Reminds me of something Anna from Loodiex3 would do, lol!

  8. Yeah I think you have to be really into that finish to appreciate it fully.

    Glad it served as entertainment then ;-) I was so pissed at myself the next morning, lol.


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