10 November 2013

Swatches & Review - Too Fancy Lacquer Winter Sonata Collection

Hi loves! How was your weekend? Hope you enjoyed yourselves :-). I had a fun party last night and a slight headache this morning LOL.

Today I have the swatches for the Too Fancy Lacquer Winter Sonata Collection. When this was waiting for me last Thursday night I squealed with excitement. 6 gorgeous holo polishes from my favorite indie! I worked very hard on these swatches and am very proud to present them to you.

Champagne Cocktail - Chocolate Gold - Holly - Midnight Sonata - Mistletoe - Silent Night

Let me start by talking a bit about the formula. In the past Too Fancy Lacquer was made with a base that had a very typical smell - not anymore! These smell just like your regular polish, no overwhelming chemical smell anymore. All of these had great buttery formula's, some being thicker than other with Chocolate Gold as most opaque and thickest. I didn't find it too thick though, and it also works for stamping! I'll be posting a manicure of it later this week.

I needed 2 coats for all except Chocolate Gold which needed 1 coat. They dry to a satin finish, topcoat brings them to life a bit more. The holographic effect doesn't get dulled by my topcoat (Essence Better Than Gel Top Sealer). I used Duri Rejuvacote as a base.

Let's take a look at the pretties, shall we?

Champagne Cocktail. Champagne gold holo with a pink flash.
The description for this polish is spot on, the champagne shade is low key though interesting. The holographic effect is very strong and the pink flash is a beautiful addition! It even turns a bit coppery in dim lighting. I also made a little video of this one here.

Chocolate Gold. Golden chrome holo.
Can I say WOW?! This is a stunner. As I said this is a one coater and works for stamping too. The shade of gold is just perfect and really leans to a bronze kind of tone making it a very rich and saturated polish. The holographic effect is good too.

HollyRed holo with green micro shimmers.
Red holo's aren't the most common polishes out there, and it's nice to see one in this collection. Compared to Sweet & Sour it's less orange and stronger in holographic effect. I couldn't spot the green micro shimmer though!

Midnight Sonata. Dark blueish purple holo.
Yes, this is a true blurple holo! It really sits right there between blue and purple, and it is a stunner :-). A very strong holographic effect and a lovely dark finish, perfect for the winter!

Mistletoe. Green holo.
The shade that makes the collection complete! How could there be a winter/holiday collection without a red and a green, right ;-)? The shade of green is happy and vibrant, and this will not only look great for Christmas but also works perfectly when spring comes around again.

Silent Night. Charcoal grey holo.
I really like how this color looks like wet cement but with holo! It's a nice shade of grey that isn't too dark nor too light, and again with a very nice holographic effect.

That's it, the full Too Fancy Lacquer Winter Sonata Collection! Which shade is your favorite? Tell me in the comments :-).

My choice would be Chocolate Gold, it is a solid one coater, it works for stamping, and the shade just feels so posh! The releasedate for this collection hasn't been announced yet, but make sure you check out the social media links posted below to stay in touch!
Too Fancy Lacquer is a handmade indie brand based in Hong Kong. The formula is 3 free (no formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate). Polish prices vary from $9,50 to $10, shipping is available for international customers at a very reasonable price ($3,50 for the first one and $0,80 for each polish you add). You can find Too Fancy Lacquer on their own websiteFacebookTwitter and Instagram


  1. What can I say that hasn't been said before? Thank you for making the polishes look so good, your swatches always take my breath away! <3

  2. Ahhh I want them all! SO PRETTY =D

  3. These are all amazing! I can't choose which one I like better.

  4. These look great! Chocolate Gold is lovely! But I love Silent Night!

  5. Oh gosh. These are stunning! Chocolate Gold = droooool!!

  6. Greeat swatches, Deborah, and the polishes are so stunning! I think I got that 'GETALLTHEHOLO' mode, I knew it was contagious! :D

  7. So great holo!! Wonderful swatches:)

  8. :D they are breathtaking huh?!

  9. Each polish is stunning in it's own way!

  10. That's a great one indeed! Thanks Angie :).

  11. *hands napkin* glad you like them :)

  12. Thanks so much :). And YES GO GET ALL THE HOLO AAAAHHH HOLO HOLO *does crazy dance*

  13. Marisa (Polish Obsession)11 November, 2013 19:18

    These are gorgeous!!! Perfect for the holidays!

  14. These are gorgeous! Especially Chocolate Gold and Mistletoe. Do you know if these are limited edition?

  15. Absolutely a stunning collection!

  16. I think so too! Thanks Jen :).

  17. ℬⓡiḏℊ℮Ṫ25 November, 2013 18:33

    LOVE these, great swatches as always Deborah!


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