30 November 2013

Too Fancy Lacquer Snitches Get Stitches

Hi loves! Did you celebrate Thanksgiving last Thursday? If you did, hope you had an awesome day with family and/or friends :-). We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here.. but I wouldn't mind a Thanksgiving dinner!

Today I have a very special polish ♥ another beauty from Too Fancy Lacquer. You might have noticed I show this brand a lot, I hope you all don't mind. Sometimes you come across somebody that can only create beautiful polishes, I am sure we all have our sweet spot for a brand or indie, right? I am curious what yours is! So, mine is Too Fancy Lacquer and when I had the chance to purchase another bottle of Here Comes September! I immediately jumped at the chance (besides, it was purchased for you guys as a future giveaway prize). Little did I know, Charlene was sweet enough to include this polish as a gift. This will not be for sale, it was created as a Facebook group custom, I don't even know for which group. I am very happy to own it though!

Too Fancy Lacquer Snitches Get Stitches is a black holographic polish, and the holo effect is quite strong! There also seems to be a bronze flash in the right light, somehow this polish reminds me of licorice. 2 coats were enough and it applied great, as all Too Fancy Lacquer polishes do.

What do you think about this shade? And which brand or indie always hits your sweet spot? Tell me in the comments!


  1. I love this polish! I am always a sucker for a holo and I love dark colors this tie of year!

  2. Ermahgerd, did she have the september-polish on sale and I missed it while ordering?? :( :( I need to win your future giveaway! I love the black one too.

    My favourite indie is ilnp right now, if I won the lottery I'd just mail her for one of each :D

  3. Gorgeous! love this holo effect!

  4. Thanks! I love darks too right now :).

  5. Oh noes, I posted a few times about it in the slowchat, but you missed the message I guess :(.

    Oh yes, I♥NP is gorgeous too!


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