17 December 2013

Cirque Electric Circus

Hi loves! How are you today? Hope you are all doing fine :-). Christmas is getting closer and closer and I am so excited about it! It's my birthday on the 25th so yay ♥!

Now, for today's polish I have something unique to me. My first neon glitter topper! Cirque Electric Circus was sent to me by Denise from DAZZLED, a Hong Kong based indie stockist with 11 brands listed right now. Shipping is very reasonable at $3 for the first bottle and $1 for each additional one, I might grab some a england beauties soon!

Cirque Electric Circus is a neon glitter topper that consists of lime green, blue and coral/red satin finish glitter in 3 sizes (teeny tiny, small and medium). Depending on whether you shake it or not before applying the coverage will be different. I shook the bottle before using it on my index and ring finger, and did the nails next to them after that, you can see the coverage is less. It applied easy, no clumping glitter and it all lays down smoothly. The base does have a greenish tinge which altered my basecolor a bit, but it does apply evenly so you don't get streaky parts.

I was really surprised at how much I liked this and might wear this combo again soon!

What basecolor would you pair Cirque Electric Circus with? Tell me in the comments!
You can find DAZZLED on Facebook and Instagram. Cirque polishes are sold for $14,19 (everything except holographics) and $16,77 (all holographics).


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