02 December 2013

Herome Frankfurt with MoYou stamping

Hey guys!
Another MoYou Londen manicure from me this week. Today I stamped the half pattern from the Pro XL 06 plate. The pattern is a lot longer than you can see here, it simply is too long for my nails! I love that! It makes stamping so much easier.

As you can see I used a Kiko mirror polish for stamping: Kiko 623 Blue. All the Kiko mirror polishes work great for stamping. The base polish for this manicure is Herome Frankfurt, a very pretty medium blue crème.

I hope you guys like it and see you soon!


  1. Marisa (Polish Obsession)03 December, 2013 01:26

    I love this!!! It's stunning!

  2. Silver print looks great on a deep blue color!!!

  3. Surya Maiglöckchen03 December, 2013 11:11

    So beautiful!

  4. I looove silvery blue, that's why I picked up this metallic polish <3

  5. I love this pattern; so elegant. And wow those Kiko Mirrors are awesome for stamping!

  6. oh, this is beautiful! I can't get Kiko here in Australia! *sob*. I may have to splurge and get some MoYou plates (pretty sure I can get those!), I can't get over how great you make them look!

  7. Thank you!
    Yes those mirror polishes all work great for stamping!

  8. I have to go shop in Germany to get them myself :(
    Thanks so much!

  9. This is so gorgeous! I seriously can't get over how much I love this combo!


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