06 December 2013

piCture pOlish Friday - Dorothy

Hi loves! Here we are again on Friday, with another piCture pOlish shade for you guys :-). It's actually the last of 4 I received to show you. This is Dorothy, a lovely red base filled with silver glitter. Red glitters always feel so festive and they certainly draw attention, I got quite a few compliments on this beauty!

I needed 2 easy coats, it's kinda thick but manageable and it evens out by itself. It does dry a bit gritty, and a thick layer of topcoat was absorbed a bit the next morning, so if you want a finish smooth as glass, be sure to add another layer of topcoat! It did wear nicely, no sign of tipwear or anything after 2 days.

Do you like this red glitter? And what is your favorite red glitter?
piCture pOlish is available on their own website, all information about shipping can be found here, and information on other retailers is found here. piCture pOlish is also on FacebookPinterestInstagramTwitter and You Tube!


  1. I'd say my only red glitter is a Colors By Llarowe, can't remember the name offhand, saving for holiday mani, probably with a CbL green glitter (Fresh Cut Grass I think it's called?)
    This one is gorgeous on you!!

  2. Just 1 red glitter? You need more ;)! Thanks for the sweet words!


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