28 December 2013

Top 10 Polishes in 2013

Hi loves! The last days of the year are passing by and it's time to look back at everything both Loqi and I have done this past year. Today it is all about 'mainstream' polish :-). I picked my Top 10 Favorite Polishes! Let's start the countdown.

As much as I love this shade, the developments with Bondi has left a bad taste in my mouth. But, I have to admit I still adore this shade and the polish itself, so I figured it should still be mentioned here.

The one I said I didn't need, but immediately bought when I could with a 21% discount. It's a lovely mermaid metallic and applies heavenly!

This beauty from the Avant Garden collection is such a happy shade! I love it :).

A red shade that has the perfect berry tinge to it, making it so fruity yet classy.

Now this may look a bit boring to you, but I really like the formula on this purple creme, and it just hits the sweet spot for me.

Like a sister to Butter London Two Fingered Salut, this copper flecked mint shade is a true must have.

I wasn't sure how to classify piCture pOlish, I think it's listed as 'indie' in my spreadsheet.. but it wouldn't fit in the Top 10 Indie Polishes anymore and I really really really loved this shade, so I am counting piCture pOlish as mainstream for now ;-).

The other Chanel I fell for hard this year, and more nail addicts with me! Again it's a combination of gorgeous color with perfect formula that really hits the sweet spot :-).

I never though I'd love a neutral shade so so much, but this pale white combines with EVERYTHING! Stamping, layering, gradients.. it's perfect. I need a back up!

I tried other textures before buying this, but this one really impressed me. It's a perfect shade of coral, the golden sparkle is to die for and it wears amazing. My number one for this year!

That was a hard pick! 10 beautiful shades released this year, and many others along with them! Tell me, what was YOUR favorite shade this year?


  1. Miss You-Niverse (& alike) can NEVER be boring! :) This, along with Mint me up and Mallard are my favourite from your list.
    Personally, my 2 fave are from Barry M, Countess (royal glitter textures) & Plum (gelly).

  2. Fantastic picks!!! I might need to pick that OPI miss universe polish up now ;)

  3. Ah Fancy Pants, I forgot how much I liked it!!!!!!

  4. Marisa (Polish Obsession)29 December, 2013 15:43

    These all look so great on you!!! I'm going to need that Catrice in my life STAT!

  5. You are so right! And yes, the Barry M Gelly polishes.. I need more in my life ^^

  6. Glad to have reminded you of it ♥

  7. You know if you ever need anything from here you can always ask me right? I love shopping for others :D

  8. Marisa (Polish Obsession)29 December, 2013 17:55

    Thanks Deborah!! You're so sweet. I actually have to make sure I don't already have it #nailpolishaddictproblems. I'll keep you posted.

  9. Unff, great picks Deborah! I kind of want to steal Jinx and Mallard! Haha

  10. You are welcome any day to come over and try them :D!

  11. Виктория Артамонова03 January, 2014 18:48

    Thank you for reviewing Catrice Mint Me Up! After reading your post I went to a local shop and snatched the last bottle :) And it's soooo lovely!


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