29 January 2014

31 Day Nail Art Challenge - Inspired By A Flag!

Inspired By A Racing flag
Hi guys!
I have been dying to use the chequered pattern from the MoYou Princes 13 XL stamping plate and this challenge was the perfect opportunity to do so. I didn't feel like doing the red, white, and blue stripes of the Dutch flag, so why not recreate an international flag instead?

The base for this manicure was OPI Alpine snow (I have been using this one a lot lately!) and I used Konad black for the stamping. Sadly, this was the first MoYou image I was not impressed with. I think my plated has been engraved too deep. Even when I scraped multiple times to get rid of the excess polish, I still ended up with the image overflowing and becoming all wonky on the stamp and the nails :( I do like the boldness of the black and white though, but I wish the image would have transferred a bit cleaner.

I hope you guys like it! And see you next week!

Stay tuned for challenge day 29: Inspired By The Supernatural!

31 Day Nail Art Challenge - Polkadot Nails!


  1. I love it :)
    Shame, though, that the plate didn't play nicely..

  2. Is the problem with just this plate, or is it a MoYou problem?

  3. It's just this image. The rest work just fine :)

  4. Thanks Yoannita! Want to play? :D


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