23 January 2014

Swatches & Review - HARE Anemone Gardens

Hi loves! Today I have an amazing HARE polish to share with you :-). This is Anemone Gardens and it's the first Jackalope polish - a collection that will build up over time, featuring all kinds of "B-sides" as Nikole calls them. You can read all about it here!

Anemone Gardens is a purple jelly, packed with awesome fuchsia dots in 2 sizes, hexes and microglitter, accented with neon lime green squares and hexes, with glowing blue shimmer. This combination looks weird at first sight, but it just works on the nail!

I layered 1 coat of Anemone Gardens over 2 coats of Essence Lilac Is My Style. This was the perfect base for this glorious glitter, it made it nice and bright without having to load on multiple coats. Application of Anemone Gardens was easy, the glitter spread nicely and it all lays flat. Just 1 simple coat of topcoat to give a shiny finish and you're good to go!

The fuchsia glitter is a bit more pink in real life, somehow it looks almost the same color as the polish itself in the pictures. The neon lime green squares and hexes are such a great addition to the mix! And that blue shimmer.. *dreamy sigh* this is what I love about HARE! Weird mixes that just balance out perfectly on your nails, without being overdone.

What do you think of Anemone Gardens? Tell me in the comments!
HARE Polish can be found on EtsyFacebookTwitterPinterest and Instagram. Also check the website to find out more about the various stockists!


  1. This is really pretty and I finally need to get my hands on circle glitter nail polish :D

  2. This is gorgeous! I love the base you chose for it. It's pretty much perfect. I really need to find a similar base for mine now.

  3. Very pretty! :)

  4. You do :D sometimes it can be a bit too much, but for this one it works soooo well!

  5. Thank you Melissa! If I knew of any similar shades to that essence I would tell you, but I don't :-(.

  6. Sigh. I need some Hare Polishes in my life!


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