17 January 2014

Swatches & Review - Shimmer Sonia, Tammy and Vivian

Hi loves! So, I must be the worst blogger ever.. I was browsing my spreadsheet and realized I had 3 Shimmers untried and unreviewed! Boo for me! Obviously I had to fix this quickly so I decided to swatch them for you :-).

I used various basecolors for these and topped them with a coat of Gelous. They aren't gritty but I prefer swatching with a slower drying topcoat as it's easier to remove the polish after taking pictures if it isn't dry yet. Let's take a look!

Shimmer Sonia has lavender, pink and gold glitter in various shapes and sizes in a clear base. There is also iridescent glitter in there but that has a hard time showing up on red, lol. I like the little pinkish square glitter. You are looking at one generous coat over Catrice Robert's Red Ford. Application was super easy, nice glitter spread and they all lay flat, no gritty surface!

Shimmer Tammy has gold, silver, purple and black glitter in various shapes and sizes in a clear base. The black hexes are quite large, and it has a good sprinkling of bar glitter. I usually don't like that so much, but it works with this one! Shown with one generous coat over a england Guinevere, again application was a breeze.

Shimmer Vivian has dusty rose pink, grey and black glitter in a sheer black tinted base. I'll admit I can't find the black glitter in the bottle, and on the black base the grey shows more greenish to me, but it surely is pretty! Shown one generous coat over a england Camelot, same great application.

Which of these is your favorite? Tell me in the comments!
Shimmer Polish can be found on Etsy, they are sold for $12. Cindy ships international. You can also find Shimmer on Facebook and their own website.


  1. I just love the way you paired these--the colours are so gorgeous!

  2. Sonia and Tammy are especially lovely! I just love lavender, black, and gold together.

  3. These are so pretty! I own a few Shimmers and Tammy is one of them. I think it's my favorite so far. I want just about every color they have though!

  4. Tammy has such a great contrast going on right?

  5. Lovely! :)

  6. Thanks! And thanks for all your lovely polishes :).


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