16 February 2014

Review - The Body Shop Absinthe purifying hand cream

Hi loves! Something a little different today - I want to share some thoughts on a hand cream :-). I got this in a gift bag when I attended a photography workshop hosted by Patty from Pretty Beauty Land. I really wanted to get some more insight in my DSLR camera and the workshop was superfun and helpful! When we left, we got a goodie bag that contained various products, including this hand cream. I love hand creams from The Body Shop so I figured I could share this one with you guys too.

Unfortunately, I am not as happy with this hand cream as I am with others from the same brand. In the past I have tried both the almond and hemp cream. The almond smells divine, isn't too thick and sinks in quickly, but does leave a slight greasy film. The hemp one is super thick, really needs to be massaged in and smells a bit weird, but works amazing overnight with cotton gloves.

Okay, so the Absinthe purifying hand cream "moisturizes, conceals odor and leaves hands feeling fresh. With absinthe extract and Community Fair Trade shea butter." It is also triclosan free. Let's take a look at some of the ingredients: on the top is the list is aqua. Next comes C12-15 alkyl benzoate, this is an emollient which helps reduce the greasy feeling of other oils. Third on the list is parfum/fragrance. It explains the strong smell and the "odour concealing" effect. Besides glycerin (a moisturizer) it's shea butter that's a recognizable moisturizer. The absinthe extract (artemisia absinthium extract) is one of the last ingredients on the list.

With parfum/fragrance so high on the list, I understand why I don't like this hand cream. It does live up to the claim of your hands feeling fresh, it sinks in well and moisturizes good enough for the day, but that scent.. it's so sharp! I can smell it an hour or 2 later and really holds on to your skin.

If you aren't put off by a strong scent and you are looking for a hand cream that doesn't make your hands feel dirty (it actually makes your hands feel cleaner!) and sinks in quickly, this is for you. If you are sensitive to strong smells, I'd suggest skipping this one or testing it in store first. It might not be for you.

What is your favorite hand cream? And have you tried any from The Body Shop? Tell me in the comments!
The Body Shop has stores all over the world, check their website for a full list! This hand cream retails for $10 (30 ml.)/€13 (100 ml.).


  1. I love the hemp hand cream, it's my absolute fav! I have tried the absinthe and almond ones in the store but ultimately always end up buying more of the hemp one :)

  2. I have this one too. It's not really moisturizing, but I think it's not supposed to do so. It's more for sanitizing, right?
    My fave is a baby face and body cream. Use it all the time. It's the best I've used so far.


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