08 February 2014

Top Flex Sand Effect 10

Hi loves! In 2013 I went to Poland for the first time in my life - I'll be returning there in May! While I was there I wanted to buy a polish (Polish polish, I think that is funny :-P) and decided to get this textured beauty!

Top Flex Sand Effect 10 looks like a mermaid in a bottle - it has an inky blue base, filled with gorgeous golden/green shimmer and small hexes that add the perfect amount of sparkle. It applied nicely, 2 coats were enough to get it opaque. It dries slooooooow - had to be careful for at least an hour! It doesn't dry to that typical matte sparkly texture finish, instead it remains shiny and the texture reveals slowly.

I still loved the effect, though I did have to get used a bit to the shiny texture. The small hex glitter added some visual interest and weren't too bulky. Removal wasn't hard at all, and it didn't stain! Yay!

What do you think of this shiny texture? And do you know of any other brands I should check next time in Poland?


  1. Wibo has some great polishes (equivalent £1 per bottle), and so does Paese (£3) and Inglot (£4). I get a few bottles whenever I visit my family back there :)

  2. I have this polish too:) It looks so great in the bottle! Your mani is perfect, Deborah!

  3. That is soooo pretty!

  4. Thanks Ivy! I most definitely want to check Inglot, since it is so much cheaper there! Thank you for your suggestions :).

  5. Thanks Eva! In the bottle, it is so super dreamy ♥

  6. So pretty!
    In the bottle it kinda looks like Nightshade!


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