29 April 2014

My Nail Polish Community

Hi loves! Still no polish post from me :-( they are barely growing out yet and I am having some hangnails, too. Any tips on those?

To keep you occupied I wanted to share something fun with you. The other day I read this post by Elizabeth and it's about all the different types of polish we all have. Not types as in finishes, but as in actual personalities ;-). After reading the list it did make sense! So, I wanted to share with you my personal Nail Polish Community. I left out a few I couldn't answer. If I ever posted about the specific polish on the blog you can also click the name to see swatches!

The polish that you love but you're afraid to wear because it's discontinued and you don't have a back up bottle.
I managed to snag this beauty one day for a good price (around $11 when it was doing around $40 on eBay) but have only worn it once. Sometimes I take a peek at the bottle just because it's so pretty!

The Senior - China Glaze Atlantis
One of the first polishes you owned. Now it's all thick and you don't really like the color anymore but you keep it anyway because it has memories.
When my interest in polish started, this shade was all the hype. And while it still looks (kinda) pretty in the bottle, I could never ever ever paint my nails with it before trying to revive it.

The Ugly One - China Glaze Zombie Zest
The polish that you absolutely hate in every way but you keep it anyway to laugh at how weird it is.
Okay I am cheating a bit here, I don't actually hate this one! But if people would ask me, what's the ugliest shade you own? This would definitely come out of the Helmer. I don't think "non enthusiasts" understand shades like these.

The Superficial - OPI Last Friday Night
The polish that looks fantastic in the bottle but is all kinds of ugly when you try to put it on.
Maybe not ugly, but it sure doesn't wow me as much on the nails as it does in the bottle :-(.

The Rocky Road - China Glaze Meteor Shower
The polish that always insists on being lumpy.
Yeah, it doesn't apply to bad, but that surface O.o 2 coats of Gelous and it STILL isn't smooth!

The Multiplier - Sally Hansen Jaded
That one shade of polish color that you can't stop yourself from buying every time you see it.
Minty/turquoise shades are among my favorites and the last one I got in that range is still untried.. Oh well, what can you do about it huh ;-)?

The polish that used to be your favorite but now sits in the back of your stash collecting dust.
A polish I'll never get rid of, but it doesn't get the amount of love anymore it used to get.

The Beast - Zoya Edyta
The polish that you like but never wear because it's a giant pain in the butt to remove.
Oooh I love that polish so much. But the sparkle.. it gets stuck everywhere. It's terrible!

The Party Animal - Chanel Taboo
The polish you can wear to any party or festivity, and it will always look good with everything!
I "invented" this one myself, as there is always that one polish that'll make you feel happy and works great as an accessory for fun things.

The Socialite - Chanel Malice
The polish that caused quite a buzz at launch, but isn't as easy to get as one might think.
Another invented one! Chanel malice was limited edition and I am happy I splurged because it is delicious :-).

That's it, all my picks for this fun list. Now I want to know from you - what is your personal Superficial?

If anyone else feels like posting this on their blog, please make sure you link back to the original creator Elizabeth. She's the one that came up with the descriptions!


  1. Виктория Артамонова29 April, 2014 17:09

    For me Butter London Two Fingered Salute is a true Superficial. The golden-orange-pink shimmer looks great in the bottle, but on my nails it looks like rust :( It's also the Hater for me - I know it looks great on other ladies, but it just doesn't work for my skintone or whatnot.

  2. The Senior- Vintage Lancome, Revlon StreetWear etc. My fave is a vintage bottle of Lippmann Collection Lady is a Tramp. Deborah Lippmann Lady is a Tramp is a completely different shade! I have both. The Tease- Chanel Malice! 2nd place- Bobbi Brown Roza. The Superficial- Rescue Beauty Piu Mosso The Ugly one- Cult Nails Power Thief The Socialite- YSL Gris Underground. Nail polish bestie tracked this down for me-best birthday present ever! The Multiplier- I blame OPI YDKJ and Chanel Particuliere. I don't own either, but I own a ton of taupes that come close because of them! The Beast- Rescue Beauty Lounge AquaLIly and SAlly Hansen CSM New Wave Blue -gorgeous but stainers! The Ex- Laura Mercier Organza still has a special place in my heart because it was the first glass flecked polish that took my breath away. But I can't remember the last time I actually wore it. Party Animal- I love this category but I can't think of one every occasion, never lets me down polish. I guess I am fickle which explains my over large stash!

  3. Virginie Wicke30 April, 2014 10:45

    I will make the same when i will have a little more time! I find it fantastic :)

  4. This is so fun! I'm going to have to do it :)

  5. Awwww, I love this so much! :D Should consider to write it down myself too.

    My Beast is Nubar Night Sparkle. I love it as much as I hate it. Tons of glitters, and it's so sheer ç____ç plus, you'll need almost 2 bottles of Seche Vite to make it smooth. Could you imagine a worse removal? :D


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