19 May 2014

OPI Diva of Geneva

Hi guys! What's your favourite colour? If you ask me this question a couple of times over say, a year, you would get 3 or 4 different answers! See, I don't really have an all-time-favourite colour, I go through 'colour periods' in which my favourite colour changes. Right now my favourite colour is blue, and so I tend to wear a lot of blue polish :) Before the blue, my favourite colour was purple, and before that it was red.

Now, I showed you one of my favourite blue polishes a while ago, but I never showed you one my favourite purples! Which is a shame, because really almost everyone seems to love this one. I am of course talking about OPI Diva of Geneva, the star of my 'purple period'.

This is 3 thin coats with a nice, shiny topcoat. Isn't she pretty? Please tell me what your favourite colour is and see you next week!


  1. This polish is one of my favorites :)

  2. I so badly need to add this to my stash! Your nails look so luxurious with this beauty :).

  3. I totally agree with Deborah, your nails look fabulous with this nail polish on!

  4. Thank you!
    I am having a lot of trouble with my nails curling :( it bothers me because I don't think it looks nice. But I hardly have any of that in these pictures :D

  5. Mine too! It's so pretty! And great for all occasions

  6. Nailphotos by Lani19 May, 2014 20:05

    This is one of my favorite polishes. It's so classic, and I feel I can wear nearly any color with it. I've recently started to like orange, but I think lilac is my favorite color.


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