13 May 2014

Swatches & Review - 2 new a england shades

Hi loves! last week I received an amazing package from Hypnotic Polish with all sorts of beautiful polishes to show you. Before I get into the review, I have good news about this fabulous webshop: the shipping rates are lower now and if you spend enough you can even qualify for free shipping. Also a lot of amazing brands have been added lately so make sure to check it out :-).

Now, for the shades that I am reviewing today. a england released 2 new shades, though one is a re-release. a england Excalibur Renaissance is the original Excalibur shade which is a silver foil. The true new beauty is a england Hurt No Living Thing, part of the Heavenly Quotes line and a lovely topper in a muted base, filled with a gorgeous reddish coppery shimmer. The formula on a england is always amazing to me, smooth buttery application, a good brush and great coverage. These shades were no exception (besides HNLT being sheer, but that's on purpose ;-)). Let's take a look!

a england Excalibur Renaissance is a silver foil that's opaque in 1 coat. That means it will also work wonders for stamping! Since it's so opaque, brushstrokes are visible a bit but if you really don't like that, check this amazing trick from Sam to smooth out frosts

As I said, the formula is smooth, buttery and easy to control. I actually did 2 coats in my pictures because I managed to bump a nail or 2 before it was dry... clumsy me. No topcoat was used here.

Left with HNLT, right without
a england Hurt No Living Thing is inspired by a poem written by Christina Georgina Rossetti. It's a muted grey base that's quite sheer, filled with a reddish coppery shimmer that looks great on a variety of shades. Because of the muted base it does alter the color you are layering it over, and that's also why I like to layer it over something that already has a bit of shimmer - it's more forgiving that way.

Applying evenly and smooth, I added one coat over OPI Dutch'ya Just Love OPI? to add a more pronounced shimmer to the purple base.

What do you think of these 2 shades? And how would you layer Hurt No Living Thing? Tell me in the comments!
Hypnotic Polish is a European based indie stockist that ships internationally. Besides a england, they also carry Dance Legend, El Corazon, Smitten Polish, Contrary Polish and many others. For more information check out their Facebook page or follow them on Instagram!


  1. I am not a fan of silver foil polishes, but Hurt No Living Thing does look great! I wonder how it would look over black or a quite dark shade?

  2. That's so pretty! You know what? I actually like the Kiko shade more! And... nope, you're not the only one who inspects their nails like they're a crime scene :D

  3. Thanks Sabine! Haven't tried yet but will soon :-).

  4. Hahahaha like a crime scene, that's a good reference too :D! And it's funny, almost everyone prefers the Kiko shade. i think because it pops a wee bit more compared to the Chanel.

  5. I'm definitely longing for Hurt No Living Thing. The Excaliburs are both gorgeous but not my kind.

  6. I'm happy with my Kiko. Yes, it's somehow redder than Taboo, but who cares? I might like it more because of this. Plus... I mean, 1,90€.... :D

  7. HNLT will also be a very versatile addition to your stash ^^!

  8. Haha yeah that price really sells it huh ;-).

  9. Hi Deborah! Looking at your picks, I actually prefer the Kiko over the Chanel!
    (but I'm still lemming Chanel Provocation xD)


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