02 June 2014

Swatches & Review - Shimmer Taylor and Cindy

Hi guys! I've got something really exciting for you the coming weeks: more Shimmer polishes! We reviewed a bunch of these a while ago and now Shimmer sent us even more to show you, isn't that nice? So if you like glitter polishes, check back often! I don't know exactly how many I will be showing you each week, since I prefer actually wearing a polish instead of just swatching it for a review. But I promise there will be a lot of them!

First up are Taylor and Cindy!

The first in this glitter marathon is Taylor. This one caught my eye immediately after opening the box so it had to be the first one I showed you. Taylor is a gorgeous plum jelly polish filled with a mix of sea-green, red, and blue glitter and very fine sea-green and red shimmer. Absolutely gorgeous! Because of the coloured base it can be worn without layering it over another polish. I am wearing 3 coats in these pictures, with a liberal amount of topcoat. As with most Shimmer polish, a good thick topcoat is a must, because most of them are quite bumpy because of the huge amount of glitter. And as with all glitter polishes, removal can be quite tricky if you don't wear a peel-off basecoat.


Next up is Cindy. Cindy is a gorgeous, sexy red glitter polish. This one also has a coloured jelly base, so it can also be worn on its own. It's filled with tons of different sized red glitter and a tiny amount of gold. My pictures make it look slightly pinkish, which it's not in real life, its bright ruby red. Shown here is 3 coats with a nice coat of topcoat. Very sexy!

I hope you guys like these polishes, they are the first of many more pretties to come! See you next week!


  1. Oooooh Taylor! A true stunner, woah!

  2. Cindy is gorgeous! Hmm I only have 1 Shimmer Polish... Looks like I need to remedy that :)

  3. Yes! I just HAD to wear her first!

  4. Haha, maybe you should :D they have lots of gorgeous polishes!

  5. yes they are! :D

  6. :) glad you like em!

  7. Shimmer Polish14 July, 2014 18:02

    These are fantastic!


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