07 July 2014

Swatches, Review & Comparison - Shimmer Fanny, Lorene & Amy

Hi guys! As I promised a litle while ago I've got a polish comparison for you this week. I've got an insane amount of Shimmer polishes now, so there are bound to be some similar ones. I thought I would compare a couple of them to make it easier for you to pick the ones you like best!

So today I've got Shimmer Fanny, Lorene and Amy to show you. Lorene and Amy were sent to me recently, but I've shown you Fanny before. These 3 pretty ladies all seem to have the same basic build. They all have a sheer raspberry base with a mix of red, pink, purple and iridescent glitter in different quantities. As you can see from the close-ups they do look slightly different in the bottles but on the nails the difference is a lot less noticeable.

Do you want a detailed comparison and more pictures?
For the pictures below I used 2 coats of each polish over 2 coats of P2 Be wild. Although they all have a coloured base I thought it would be best to layer them because it would have been hard to get them to be opaque on their own without getting a very thick manicure.

Some differences I noticed after studying my nails and the bottles for a day:
  • Fanny has less iridescent glitter than Lorene and Amy, it's more pink-ish
  • Fanny also has a slightly clearer base and less glitter in the mix
  • Lorene has a tiny amount of darker blue glitter that Fanny and Amy don't have
  • Lorene is slightly darker than the other 2
  • Lorene has some holographic sparkle going on in strong artificial lighting (very pretty but not noticeable in normal light)
  • Lorene seems to have more square shaped glitter than Fanny and Amy do
  • Amy has the most iridescent glitter of the 3
This seems like a long list of differences, but as you can see from the pictures, on the nails you hardly notice that these are 3 different polishes. Especially since glitter polishes look different every time you apply them because you never get the same amount of a particular glitter.

I really like all 3 of these polishes (If you like one you can't really dislike the other 2 can you?). But if I had to choose I would pick Lorene as my favourite. It's slightly darker, which I like and I really loved the added surprise of the holo sparkle.

Please keep in mind that Shimmer polishes are all mixed by hand and that multiple bottle of the same colour might have small differences. I hope you guys liked this post and see you next week!


  1. Helena Lacky Corner07 July, 2014 15:09

    They are all beautiful but so similar that I certinaly wont need all three of them. Thanks for a good comparision.

  2. Thank you, I hope it was helpful :)

  3. Great post, and I love your bottles shots - so clean!

  4. :D thanks babe! Glad you like it <3

  5. They are close enough that you really only need one. Those are really pretty polishes.

  6. I agree :) very pretty, but not unique enough to get more than one

  7. Thank you :) I'm glad it was helpful :) which one would you want to get?

  8. Shimmer Polish05 August, 2014 20:31

    <3 the comparison! :)

  9. Glad you like it :)

  10. Lorell Williams-Allen13 July, 2015 18:42

    Love the comparison as it saves time and money BUT what is the name of the polish you are holding in the pics it is beautiful!


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