12 July 2014

Swatches & Review - Dance Legend Rio neon glitter toppers

Hi loves! Another Dance Legend post this week, and this time it's all about the neon glitter toppers from the Rio collection! This is a 6 piece collection and it consists of 3 multicolored neon toppers, and 3 single colored ones. One shade only has square glitter, the others all have both square and star shaped glitter along with hexagonal glitter in them.

My experience with these wasn't too great. The balance between the base and amount of glitter doesn't seem right, also the glitter glides off the brush easily making it hard to load enough on your brush for good coverage without having thick nails. That's also what might have caused the air bubbles, but truth be told it was quite humid the day I applied these so that doesn't help either. Another issue I have is because of my curved nails, the star shaped glitter tends to stick out a bit, especially when the glitter isn't placed in the middle of my nail.

The colors in these toppers are really bright and neon, and I like that they show up both over light and dark bases. They are a great way of adding a pop of color without overpowering your look, especially when applied over a white base! Let's take a look :-).

First up is Dance Legend Rio 1, a multicolored topper with tiny and small hexagonal glitter, small square glitter and star shaped glitter. It holds orange, blue, green and pink glitter. This is the same as Rio 5 except for the orange glitter. This one applied the easiest out of 3, though the base is flowy yet thick, so you have to be careful the glitter doesn't glide off the brush, but it builds up quickly on the nails leaving you with a thick layer if you're not careful. This is one coat over a white base.

Dance Legend Rio 3 is second, again multicolored but this time only square glitter in one size. It had the worst formula out of 3, I had to use 2 coats for some glitter to show up but got way too much base because of it and air bubbles were inevitable. It does show up nicely on black, no see through glitter here.

Dance Legend Rio 4 is the last one to show you and it's a pink colored polish. The glitters are the same as in Rio 1 just all pink :-). My picture didn't really capture the neon with this so imagine it a bit brighter! Application was okay, less fishing for glitter but it did clump a bit towards the tips. 1 coat over a cream pink base.

What do you think of these neon glitter toppers? See anything you like? Tell me in the comments!
Dance Legend is sold through their own webshop. Dance Legend Rio shades come in 15 ml. bottles and retail for $9. Shipping worldwide is $10 and free if you order over 10 bottles.

There are also a few retailers listed on their website if you prefer shopping with a more local webshop. Hypnotic Polish is one of them and is based in The Netherlands. You can also find Dance Legend on Facebook.


  1. I have this problem with a lot of clear base glitters....but you made them look great!!

  2. Rio 1 is just unbelievable. I love it so much !!!!

  3. Disappointing to hear about the formula... you made these look fantastic, though. :)

  4. All these neon glitters are so pretty! I have a weakness for neon glitter.

  5. I heard that you should mark the 4 "corners" of your stamper on the plastic of the stamper itself. Then you align it with the design as if it was like a clock with 12 at the top, 6 at the bottom. Then you can see where the dots are on your stamper and you can see if you need to adjust how you're holding your stamper against the nail. I hope that makes sense. I also press my nail into the stamper rather than the stamper onto my nail, I feel like it gives a little bit more control.

    I love this, I'm seeing this brand of stamping polish more and more lately. I just placed my order!

  6. Haha, we're again posting similar things around the same date, and aaalmost the same picks too! Love your swatches, that pink combo is cute :)

  7. Thanks Michelle, glad you like 'em :-).

  8. Haha great minds think alike huh :D?

  9. Oooh so on the handle you put some dots? That's clever! I also need to try my rectangular stamper, maybe that'll work better as well :-).

    Yay, which shades did you pick? Hope you like them!


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