10 August 2014

Flashback Sunday

Hi loves! Another new weekly post. I want to take you back and look at what was posted a year ago. Who knows, maybe you didn't know this site back then, or maybe you just forgotten about the fun things we shared!

August 5th - August 11th 2013

Loqi shared a lovely Shimmer shade with bright red glitter in it.

Tuesday P2 Illegal
A gorgeous red texture from P2 - I should wear that again!

While I wasn't too fond of my own manicure, Loqi did a gorgeous dotted look for this challenge day. Really worth it to take a look again ;-).

Another Too Fancy Lacquer post ♥. They are just so so lovely!

Nail art! And a fun one if I may say so myself. It includes various finishes and techniques.

Black & white glitter toppers still look amazing in my opinion, and this one is no exception!

Sunday Saran Wrap Marble featuring OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender & Bondi Fuchsia-istic
Who can resist a good use of 24k gold leaf? I now I can't ;-).

Tell me, which one was your favorite post out of these? And if you have a blog, do you like to look back at older posts as well?


  1. Oooh, those Too Fancies! You show them so nicely. I can't believe that was already a year ago.

  2. I love look-backs like this, but I usually end up spending too much time trolling through a website! LOL :)

  3. Thank you! And time goes by so so fast.. it's annoying sometimes.

  4. I love this, it makes it so easy to catch up!


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