27 August 2014

Learning the Lingo - Cotton pads and balls

Hi loves! Welcome to another installment of Learning the Lingo! In this series I will talk about products you might use maintaining your nails and such, what my favorite product is in that category and to keep it fun and to learn something, I'll tell you the Dutch word for it too :-D! I hope you enjoy this post, let's get started with today's subject.

Cotton pads (wiki quote) Cotton pads are pads made of cotton which are used for medical or cosmetic purposes. For medical purposes, cotton pads are used to stop or prevent bleeding from minor punctures such as injections or vein puncture. They may be secured in place with tape. Cotton pads are used in the application and the removal of makeup. Cotton pads are also soft enough that they can be used to clean babies. Cotton pads also come in the form of cotton balls, which basically serve the same purpose.

The Dutch word for cotton pad is wattenschijf, and cotton ball translates as wattenbal. Especially wattenschijfjes is a word I use often but somehow I rarely talk about wattenballetjes :-P.

To remove polish I always would use cotton pads. Cut them in 4 pieces, soak them with remover and you can clean 4 nails. But, the surface of a cotton pad is quite smooth and glittery polishes would get stuck everywhere. So I started using cotton balls instead. I take a little ball apart into a few pieces and this way I can clean 5 nails with 1 little ball. Unless it's a true glitter, but I always use the foil method to get rid of those. Because the cotton is more plushy like this, flecks and shimmer stick better to it giving a less messy result on my hands!

What's the word for cotton pad in your language? And how do you prefer to remove your polish? Tell me in the comments!


  1. In POlish it is 'płatek kosmetyczny' as a single pad. I totally prefer cotton pads, but I always buy one type, some can be a bit messy.

  2. Watjes! :D

    I've never once used cotton balls. Always use cotton rounds. Maybe I should try it!

  3. Cotton pad= dischetti di cotone
    Cotton ball= batuffoli di cotone (or Cotone Idrofilo)

    Cotton ball is a tradizional way to remove nail polish, here in Italy, as the grannies do. But I dislike this metod, because I can't stand touching the cotton balls while I remove the nail polish. Cotton pad for ever and ever!

  4. Виктория Артамонова27 August, 2014 17:00

    Cotton pads are "ватные диски" (vatniye diski) in Russian, cotton balls are "ватные шарики" (vatniye shariki), it seems like our languages have the same origin for "cotton", this watt/ vat thing :)
    I use cotton pads but I don't like to cut them, just wipe one nail with one part of it, next nail with another part, and so on.
    What do you clean your stamping plates with? I've tried so called "lintless wipes" but they are so thin, my fingers get soaked in nail polish remover this way.
    I also heard about lintless cotton pads (I think they are sold at transdesign.com) but never tried ones.

  5. I was going to leave the exact same comment as Emily, here :D

  6. So cotton balls are better than cotton rounds for nail polish removal?

  7. I wish there was a plugin or app or something that you could link the Dutch word and we we could click on it and hear how it's pronounced! I love hearing other languages! This is a great post for nail newbies! Love it.

  8. I'm a cottonball person. I unspool it to make it last longer :)

  9. I use cotton pads, I like the ones with a plastic backing on one side to help keep remover/polish stains off your fingers. I can get one hand done with one pad. It's also great if you need to remove from a finger or two (or your toes) and you won't ruin the rest of your nails! For glitter I use the foil method with a cotton ball.

  10. Thank you! That's such a great compliment when you normally don't really care for these polishes! <3

  11. So do I :) glad you like it!


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