24 September 2014

Learning the Lingo - Duochrome and multichrome finishes

Hi loves! Welcome to another installment of Learning the Lingo! In this series I will talk about products you might use maintaining your nails and such, what my favorite product is in that category and to keep it fun and to learn something, I'll tell you the Dutch word for it too :-D! I hope you enjoy this post, let's get started with today's subject.

Duochrome/multichrome Duochrome and multichrome are finishes that show multiple colors  in one polish depending on the angle and light. This is not to be confused with holographic finishes!

The Dutch word for duochrome and multichrome is duochrome and multichrome. Haha, maybe there is an actual Dutch word but I don't know it!

Duochrome and multichrome polishes aren't very common, at least not in drugstore brands. Since indie brands came along, there have also been more and more duo/multichrome releases which is really nice to see. A duochrome is 1 color that flashes another (different than for example a purple polish with a blue metallic flash, duochromes really show a completely different color depending on the angle) and a multichrome does the same but with more shades to it.

The fun thing about this finish is that it can show so many colors, all in 1 polish. Depending on the angle of your nails but also the amount and sort of light that shines on them, you can sometimes see up to 6 or 8 colors!

Some brands really specialize in duo/multichromes and have made it a new artform, like I♥NP and Polish me Silly. Other personal favorites are from Dance Legend (for example the Chameleon collection and Galaxy shades).

What's the word for duochrome and multichrome in your language? And what's your favorite holo brand or polish?

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