12 April 2015

Flashback Sunday #36

Hi loves! I want to take you back and look at what was posted a year ago. Who knows, maybe you didn't know this site back then, or maybe you just forgotten about the fun things we shared!

April 7th 2014 - April 13th 2014

A Red-Purple Gradient

China Glaze has done some lovely glowy shades in the past, and the two Manon used in her gradient are no exception. The transition of shades is so smooth because of the fine shimmer!

F.U.N Lacquer Beautiful Mistake

Tuesday F.U.N Lacquer Beautiful Mistake
A year ago, Yuin Ying from F.U.N Lacquer was creating the thermal Pink Tulips On The Green or so she thought. Turns out she accidentally added the wrong pigments together and that's how Beautiful Mistake was born :-). You can see how it looks both hot and cold in the original post!

Swatches & Review - F.U.N Lacquer The Luxury Set

Who doesn't love a good holo ^^? This is Bling It On from F.U.N Lacquer, a luxurious looking silver holo. In the original post there's also a sterling silver flakie posted!

Cadillacquer Not Alone

Friday Cadillacquer Not Alone
Looking back at this shade I remember why I loved it so much - look at the glitter, and how the teal base plays with the color of it. Lovely!

Swatches & Review - Too Fancy Lacquer The Blossoming Collection

Saturday Swatches & Review - Too Fancy Lacquer The Blossoming Collection
Last year Charlene from Too Fancy Lacquer released the most adorable 4 piece set for Spring, and one of the beauties included was this mint green holo shade called Springs In My Steps. Check the other 3 in the original post!

Tell me, which one was your favorite post out of these?


  1. Cosmetic Sanctuary12 April, 2015 18:56

    So many pretties this week! Beautiful Mistake is fabulous!

  2. It's really fun to re-post manis and designs! I do that sometimes as well! I absolutely love the swatch of Bling It On!

  3. Oooh so pretty! I just loved these "look back" posts!

  4. Wowza those are some really lovely manis! I'm gonna have to hunt down Beautiful Mistake!

  5. I remember Beautiful Mistake, I wish I got it, it's so pretty!

  6. Of course I love all of these and have quite a few of the polishes! The gradient is so gorgeous!

  7. I have so much fun looking back at the stuff I posted - inspires me to redo some designs and use some of those pretty polishes again.

  8. You should, it's such a unique and fun shade!

  9. I am very happy to own it and actually put it on again the other day ♥.


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