14 June 2015

Flashback Sunday #45

Hi loves! I want to take you back and look at what was posted a year ago. Who knows, maybe you didn't know this site back then, or maybe you just forgotten about the fun things we shared!

June 9th 2014 - June 15th 2014

Swatches & Review - Shimmer Cleo and Astrid

With the sun shining I can't help but fall in love all over again with this swatch of Shimmer Astrid. It's such a dainty combination!

Liquid Sky Lacquer 24 Karat Rose

Tuesday Liquid Sky Lacquer 24 Karat Rose
A thermal base, gorgeous golden flecks AND nailart? Yes please! It's all in this post featuring Liquid Sky Lacquer 24 Karat Rose :-).

Swatches & Review - Too Fancy Lacquer The Sizzling Collection

Wednesday Swatches & Review - Too Fancy Lacquer The Sizzling Collection
Last year I showed these 4 gorgeous shades from Too Fancy Lacquer, all part of the Sizzling set. Check out the other 3 shades in my review!

Kiko 592 Metallic Beetle

Friday Kiko 592 Metallic Beetle
Kiko is a really fun brand that sells polish at a reaosnable price. One of their beauties is this dark shade, and depending on the angle it looks either green or blue.

Swatches & Review - 3 Dance Legend Smoky shades

Saturday Swatches & Review - 3 Dance Legend Smoky shades
Such a unique collection this was! The Dance Legend Smoky shades all seem to have some sort of small black glitter or flecks to make them appear dusted. Really cute!

Tell me, which one was your favorite post out of these?


  1. Looks like a purple galaxy! So gorgeous!

  2. Oh I love the last one! I actually love grey at this time of year.

  3. Thanks Lindsey! I realized this happens even more to me when I have singles from a brand. For example this is my only Powder Perfect so it sits in the mixed drawer and well.. that drawer is a mess. Never gets opened and so I forget! Good excuse to buy more from this brand I guess?

  4. Lol, it sits in a drawer with other singles (brands I only have 1 polish from) and that drawer is a mess so I never open it :P. Thanks Mina!

  5. I can see the link between those shades! I did swatch it with Gelous actually, and after 15 minutes it was already showing texture again :P.

  6. Haha, it always hurts a bit huh? So many pretties begging to be used!

  7. Thanks Allie! Aah yes, recently I did some serious purging and I must admit, a lot of what I purged was untried.. in the end, if it sits in a drawer for a year without being used chances are slim I'll ever use it.

  8. Thanks Viktoria! I think I've seen some great swatches of that collection, Powder Perfect really does beautiful and unique shades.

  9. Lol, we all feel the pain I think :D!

  10. If you love purple glitters this is definitely one you should have!

  11. I think if I'd wear this, topcoat has to be added after a day to keep it smooth.


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