27 July 2015

Another MILV Water Decal

Hi guys! Today I've got the third set of MILV water decals tot show you. I hope you are still enjoying them! This time it's a decal that can be worn over any colour, instead of a white base only, so I decided to use it with one of my new Kiko polishes!

Wanna see?
The decal I am using this week is number S47 and you can get it in 4 different colors: black, white, silver and gold. I got the silver one and I decided to pair it with blue, because blue and silver is one of my all time favourite combinations! The polish I used as a base is one of my new Kiko polishes, number 381 Purple grey, which I think has a silly name, because it is clearly blue grey, not purple.

Anyway, this time I tried to apply the decals differently after I saw the easy and precise way Emily used them a little while ago. Instead of cutting all the decals to exactly fit my nails (and thus be too small sometimes) I left them square and applied them as I did previous times. I then put topcoat over them and simply removed the excess with some acetone and a brush. And it looks much better this way! 

I think these are my favourite ones yet! Especially with the neater application. The pattern is just so delicate and pretty, I love it! I hope you guys like it too and see you next week!

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