12 July 2015

Flashback Sunday #49

Hi loves! I want to take you back and look at what was posted a year ago. Who knows, maybe you didn't know this site back then, or maybe you just forgotten about the fun things we shared!

July 7th 2014 - July 13th 2014

Swatches, Review & Comparison - Shimmer Fanny, Lorene & Amy

When you have tons of Shimmer polishes to swatch, it's not surprising that some will look alike. Manon compared 3 of them to show you the differences and similarities!

Stamping with Mundo De Uñas Papyrus

Tuesday Stamping with Mundo De Uñas Papyrus
A year ago I ordered some stamping polishes from Mundo De Uñas - everyone was crazy about them! I must admit with all the controversy about the ingredients not being published and the fact they have such a strong smell, I haven't bought any besides the ones I got last year. They do show up remarkably well though over a dark base!

Hypnotic Polish Exclusive Glam Polish Unforgettable Dream

Wednesday Hypnotic Polish Exclusive Glam Polish Unforgettable Dream
Hypnotic Polish is a webshop based in The Netherlands that sells many great (indie) brands - I've been so happy to have something local! The first Glam Polish exclusive was Unforgettable Dream and dreamy it sure is!

Stamping with Mundo De Uñas Spring Green

Friday Stamping with Mundo De Uñas Spring Green
More Mundo De Uñas stamping! Isn't this soft minty green the cutest? I love the color!

Swatches & Review - Dance Legend Rio Neon Glitter Toppers

Saturday Swatches & Review - Dance Legend Rio Neon Glitter Toppers
When Summer comes around everyone goes crazy for neons - I must admit I'm not that big of a fan, but these topper sure add a fun pop of color to a basic color.

Tell me, which one was your favorite post out of these?


  1. Oh, I remember these! Especially Unforgettable Dream that found a home amongst all my other polishes :)
    (and it's definitely nice to have a local store... order things one day, play with them the next ;)

  2. The Dance Legend! those toppers were so popular at one stage, the coloured cartoon-y ones, I haven't seen many around lately. Can't get over how identical the first polishes are!

  3. I can see why :D. Yeah I love it, and she has a great assortment as well.

  4. Funny how quickly trends pass right? And yeah, they are SO similar!

  5. Yup... although according to my bank account that's not necessarily a good thing ;)


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