31 July 2015

Review // Sea salt scrub by Lucky 13 Lacquer

Hi loves! No nails today, but a hand care product that I'm reviewing. I've been taking much better care lately of my hands and while it doesn't really show at the moment (without going into detail I had some sort of rash on my hands and it's clearing up slowly) I do like the ritual of using scrubs, mani bombs and oils & balms. So when Lucky 13 Lacquer was looking for some bloggers to test her new sea salt scrub, I was definitely down for it :-).

Let's take a closer look!

My sample sized amount arrived in a plastic ziplock baggie, but for easier use I decided to put it in these little travel containers I had laying around. It was enough to fill 2 of these little containers which surprised me, somehow it looks less when it's in a bag.

The scrub is made with sea salt. My other scrub experiences are with sugar scrubs only so I was curious to see if I could feel any difference. Ingredients include sea salt, pink Himalayan salt, coconut oil, and synthetic "blackberry fizz" fragrance. You can see the pink salt, gives a nice color variation to the final product! One of the first things I noticed is that, because of the salt, the scrub is more coarse. It isn't as compact as a sugar scrub and falls of your hands a bit quicker. At first I tried it on dry hands, but I think I like it better when used on moist skin. This way the scrub "sticks" better and you won't waste too much product.

Because of the coarse feeling, I like this scrub better for my feet. To give my feet a good rub down, I sprayed my feet under the shower, turned of the water and grabbed a bit of the scrub. It felt so nice to rub my heels with this! It made them quite smooth and the coconut oil provides some nice moisture. I also like to rub the bottom of my feet together with some scrub in between the soles :-D! That way you really rub it on without hurting your hands.

My hand palms didn't mind the scrub, but it was too coarse for me to use on the top of my hands - I still have thinner skin from my acne medication so this might not be the case for you, but if you have sensitive skin this might be something to consider!

Overall, I'm happy to have this sea salt scrub and will use it on my feet. Nothing more relaxing than some scrubbing after a long day. It's already available from the Lucky 13 Lacquer website! An amount of 6 oz by weight (packed in a 4 oz jar) retails for $4 and you can try a sample for $1.

What kind of scrub do you prefer, salt or sugar scrubs? Tell me in the comments!
Lucky 13 Lacquer is an indie brand from the USA. You can find the huge range of polishes and other products on the Lucky 13 Lacquer website. International shipping is available.

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