18 August 2015

Copper chevrons - my vacation mani!

Hi loves! Right before my vacation I posted this picture on Instagram, and it received a lot of love. It was actually a shot of the mani I wore during my vacation! A few weeks ago I received an e-mail from Sabine, she runs the blog My Polish Stash. I participated in her 4 year anniversary giveaway and surprise, surprise: I won the huge Sally Hansen polish set consisting of both Complete Salon manicure shades as well as Miracle Gel polishes. 

The shade I chose to work with is Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Birthday Suit. A perfect cream colored shade with a hint of pink. I needed 3 coats for proper opacity and really liked how it looks with my skintone.

While I love a good neutral and it doesn't bore me quickly, I decided to spruce it up a bit with some stamping, to make sure this mani would keep me satisfied as long as possible. Recently I tried a chevron design for the first time in my life and I quite liked it, so I revisited the same plate as I used for this particular look and picked the finer lined image on the bottom right of MoYou London Fashionista 04.

To keep it a bit neutral and easy to wear, the stamping was done using Essie Penny Talk. I'm always surprised at how different this shades looks when stamped compared to the bottle color, but it never lets me down. The coppery hue is just too pretty! I aimed for the stamp to come out as centered as possible, creating a single V-shape on most of my nails. 

Because the bristles of the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel topcoat brush are quite stiff I decided to go with my regular topcoat to finish this look. Nobody likes putting in all the effort and then ruin a perfect stamp with topcoat smearing the design. Instead I grabbed Glisten & Glow HK Girl topcoat and my mani wore for 4 days with some slight tipwear - that's quite an achievement for me personally!

Have you ever used Sally Hansen Miracle Gel? And what do you think of this look? Tell me in the comments!

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