30 August 2015

Flashback Sunday #56

Hi loves! I want to take you back and look at what was posted a year ago. Who knows, maybe you didn't know this site back then, or maybe you just forgotten about the fun things we shared!

Augustus 25th 2014 - August 31st 2014

Swatches, Review & Nail Art - Shimmer Sophie & Linna

How adorable is this pink look Manon did using Shimmer Sophie? It's the perfect Valentine's Day gradient actually :D. Check the original post for more pretty nail art!

Dance Legend Provence Petunia

Tuesday Dance Legend Provence Petunia
The Dance Legend Provence set is full of happy glitters, and Petunia is no exception. Perfect for sprucing up your basic look!

Learning The Lingo - Cotton Pads And Balls

Wednesday Learning The Lingo - Cotton Pads And Balls
Did you ever feel the need to learn the Dutch word for cotton pad? If so, check the Learning The Lingo post about them ^^.

Something old, something new... It isn't borrowed and it isn't blue!

Friday Something old, something new... It isn't borrowed and it isn't blue!
Wow, it's been a year already since I tried another nailshape? While I loved the look in real life (especially when I had them more pointy instead of oval), the tipwear was too much to handle and in pictures it highlighted my crooked nailbeds on some fingers, so I went back to square. Which shape do you prefer?

Zoya Bar

Saturday Zoya Bar
Uhm, HOW long was my thumbnail here O.o? Also, look at all the sparkles, it's because of the magical PixieDust on my nails :-).

Tell me, which one was your favorite post out of these?

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