27 August 2015

Gradient All The Nails

Hi loves! I'm back with more nail art today, this time it's all about a new link-up with my girls from Paint All The Nails! If you don't remember, our first link-up had the theme floral and now we are doing gradient. Considering how gorgeous everyone's look was the last time, I can't WAIT too see what everyone else did this time. If you can't either, make sure to check the Inlinkz at the end of my post ^^.

Pretty, huh?

I want to start by mentioning these nails weren't my own idea, I actually mimicked the design made by Adventures in Acetone. I was searching for stamping done using Elevation Polish The Latin of 4 Languages, to see if it was an option at all, and I stumbled upon her beautiful drybrush gradient look. Since I had just received the exact same shades, I couldn't help myself but create the same design for this prompt!

To create this look, you need 4 shades. I started with a base of Elevation Polish Empress Chabi which is a beautiful berry style red with blue and red shift shimmer. Uhm, this is a breathtaking berry shade! I have a soft spot for berry shades actually, I find them very flattering on my skintone and the shimmer in this one makes it so unique.

After it dried, I used Elevation Polish The Latin of 4 Languages, Zhenjin, and Khan of Khans to swipe across the nail. Make sure your brush is as "clean" as possible, it's easy to add more but it sucks if you add too much! Also, just like Jacki I used a fan brush dipped in acetone to clear out some of the drybrushed polish - it brings some more "diversity" to the gradient? Not sure how to describe it but it definitely makes it prettier.

Just finish with topcoat, clean up a bit if you hit your cuticles with the polish brush and you are done! Couldn't be easier, right?

Have you ever tried a drybrush gradient? Tell me in the comments!

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