26 August 2015

Nail art // Purple Haze Smoke

Hi loves! You know how you sometimes want to try a specific nail art technique but end up forgetting about it, then seeing someone else post a gorgeous look using that technique and you just HAVE to create your own version right away? That's what happened to me when I saw Nicole from Nail Polish Wars post her version of smoke nails.

Let's take a closer look!

The original look using this technique was done by Sarah from Chalkboard Nails. he really has a knack of creating looks that are eyecatching yet relatively easy to copy, and her tutorials are helpful as well.

Fueled by these 2 lovely ladies (and remembering my polish bestie Emily did an amazing smoke look as well) I got down to creating my version. Just like Emily I chose to use a white base. Mainly because I was concerned that IF the base was affected by the acetone you use to create the look the black would be more annoying to clean-up, and also because I wanted to use a darker color for the smoke.

So, to create this look I applied 2 coats of Polish My Life Birthday Suit as my base. This creamy white isn't as stark (sorry, my pictures make it appear whiter than it actually is) and applies heavenly. Make sure to use a nice thick layer of topcoat before proceeding with the smoke! This way you won't mix the smoke with your base but it will float on top of it.

Now, take a simple nail art brush (I used my cut down detail brush that isn't too long) and draw on stripes of color. I worked one nail at a time because I didn't want my color to dry too quickly. The purple shade is OPI Miss You-Niverse. This one is very opaque which worked nicely. After applying a thin stripe of color, I grabbed another nail art brush (use a flat one, I prefer to use one from this set) and after dipping it in acetone, I lightly brushed the lines. You want to take baby steps, rather go back in with more acetone instead of completely washing away your color at the first try. When you reach the effect you like, just finish with topcoat and you are done!

Have you ever tried your hand at this technique? And what do you think of my look? Tell me in the comments!

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