31 August 2015

Red Foil Curls

Hi guys! It's time for another set of decals again! I have been wanting to use this set for so long, but I just never got around to it because other manicure ideas kept popping up. Weird how that happens right? Anyway, I finally used them and as with all MILV decals I've used so far, I love them!

So let's check em out!
These decals are numbered F1I and they are a curly pattern made out of red foil, so they are shiny! They apply the same as any other water decal. Although I did have a bit more trouble getting them to flatten out nicely than with the other ones. It wasn't a problem though, the topcoat melted out any folds I had. The base I used for this manicure is Color club Wild Orchid,  a grey crème with a little bit of silver sparkle.

The sparkle in Wild Orchid is hardly visible in real life, but in the pictures it picked up really well and I don't like how it looks. In fact, I'm really bummed with how these pictures turned out. This manicure is 100% awesome in real life. The foil is so shiny and really bright! But the pictures don't translate that very well at all, such a shame.

So I hope you guys can see a little bit of the awesomeness that was this manicure. Please let me know what you think and I hope to see you next week!

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