20 August 2015

Taped nail art using 3 Sally Hansen shades

Hi loves! Today I have a fun taped nail art to share with you. As I mentioned in my earlier blogpost this week about my vacation mani, I was lucky enough to win a ginormous amount of Sally Hansen shades in the giveaway Sabine from My Polish Stash hosted. And well, when you have a lot of gorgeous shades sitting together, you might as well create a look with a few of them, right ^^?

Let's take a closer look!

This look was based loosely on something I have done before. But, I wanted it to be a bit more colorful this time around and so I picked 3 shades: Sally Hansen Beach Redy (orange), Himalaya (nude) and Blue Streak (teal). Teal and orange might be a weird thought at first but I love the contrast in these shades.

I started by painting Sally Hansen Himalaya on all nails. I needed 2 coats for opacity and sealed with topcoat to speed up the drying process. After it was dry enough, I used some straight vinyl pieces from She Sells Seashells to create my desired shapes. The brush on the Sally Hansen shades is quite big so instead of using that to color in my design, I grabbed a small nail art brush and used that instead. Especially at the bottom of my nail it came out handy, because it works less messy which means less clean-up.

Working one nail at a time, and peeling away tape as soon as I was done, I created this fun look! All you need is a good topcoat to smooth out any edges and you are done :-).

What do you think of this look? Would you combine these colors yourself? Tell me in the comments!

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