03 August 2015

Water spotted Turquoise & A Wall of Text

Hi guys! This week I've got a manicure for you with a really exciting nail art technique: water spotting! Water spotting itself isn't new, but I had never tried it before. so I thought I would give it a go! For those of you unfamiliar with it, water spotting is a variation on the water marble technique and I'll explain how I went about it below!

So, if you want to learn how to do this technique, see which colors I used for this manicure or would like to know a great alternative to liquid shields to protect your fingers from nail-art mess...
As I mentioned above, water spotting is a variation on the classic water marble. For this technique you put a few drops of polish into a cup of room temperature water. Wait until the polish spreads out a bit and then spray the surface of the polish with something that makes it break up.

You can use a lot of things for this, like hairspray and hand sanitizer, but you can also simply use acetone. Acetone doesn't come in an easy spray bottle however. So to spray it I dipped a toothbrush in the acetone and flicked the bristles to create a soft spray! As you do this you can see the polish on the surface of the water break up into all kinds of cool spotted patterns, depending on the amount of acetone you use! You then dip your finger into the pattern and keep it there for a bit while you remove the rest of the polish from the surface of the water with something like a toothpick. 

As most of you will know, these kinds of techniques result in lots of polish all over the place, so make sure to use something to protect your fingers from most of the mess! You can use tape, vaseline or one of those liquid shields that are so popular right now. I, however, just painted a layer of white glue on the skin around my nails and let that dry. When you are done with your nail-art you can simply peel it off (so satisfying!) or wash it off with some lukewarm water! 

Soooo. For this manicure I wanted to make my nails resemble the gorgeous mineral turquoise. To do this I first painted my nails with China glaze for Audrey. After that dried I used a bit of saran wrap and Maybelline 445 to dab on some irregular gold spots. I then used Essie After school boy blazer to do the water spotting and topped everything off with a layer of topcoat.

Whew, I wrote a whole essay! I'm sorry for the wall of text but I hope that you guys learned something cool if you didn't know this technique yet and that you liked the result! I myself loooove how this turned out! Apart from the mess, the water spotting is so much fun to do! And I think it turned out resembling turquoise quite well! I hope you guys like it too and see you next week!

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