13 August 2015

White roses, blue gradient

Hi loves! I'm back from my vacaction (well I have been for a few days already but there were so many gorgeous guestposts so it took me a bit longer to start posting again myself ^^) and it has been SO good. We stayed with family in Zürich, Switzerland. We actually went there with friends so we had a blast.. long nights on the porch, good conversations, inside jokes and great food. We also went for a hike through the Swiss mountains and while it was psychically very challenging (it took us more than 7 hours to complete the hike) it was very rewarding. The landscape is very pretty, with different kinds of nature in each stage of the hike. We even saw a lot of Alpen cows :-D!

Now, for some fun nail art.. before we left I did this blue gradient look with some stamping, so let's take a closer look!

The combination of the 2 blue shades was inspired by this look from Didoline's Nails. It doesn't share much of a resemblance, mainly because I used cremes instead of the gorgeous holographics. I also decided to go with a different stamp. My mani consists of a gradient done with Cirque Colors Midnight Cowboy and Cirque Colors Miami-Dade. Because Midnight Cowboy is a tad more sheer, it took me a few rounds to get the opacity I wanted. Unfortunately I didn't pay enough attention to my sponge and it dried out a bit - it resulted in the little spots you can see on my ringfinger.

It does show up better in pictures than it did in real life, which is always the case, and the stamping masked it even better! The stamping is done using Konad white and MoYou London Princess 12. The rose pattern is perfect to use over gradients - it's consistent in coverage but leaves enough room for your colors to shine through! Finish off with topcoat and you are done :-).

What do you think of this look? And how do you prevent those little sponge spots when doing a gradient? Tell me in the comments!

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