12 September 2015

Nail art // A blue mani for Alopecia Awareness

Hi loves! Not a normal post day for me, but today is a special day. September is Alopecia Awareness month, and Glam Polish has released a special polish called Bad Hair Day to support this cause. It's available through their website and from each bottle sold, $7 AUD is donated to Alopecia Areata Australia Foundation Inc. 

To learn more about Alopecia, keep on reading.

Approximately 60% of people diagnosed are under the age of 20, and for children especially, hair loss can have a negative impact on their self-esteem, which in many cases is linked to anxiety, depression, impaired academic performance and lack of social inclusion. To support children affected by the condition, Australia Alopecia Areata Foundation & Variety grants wigs - helping children gain their confidence and feel more comfortable amongst their peers.

* Alopecia (al-oh-PEE-shah) is a HAIRLOSS Condition, that can cause round patches of baldness, or total body hairless. 
* There are 3 main Ttpes of Alopecia: Alopecia Areata - round patches / bald spots, Alopecia Totalis - complete scalp baldness and Alopecia Universalis - total hair loss from body and scalp. 
*Alopecia Areata is a believed to be a AUTOIMMUNE disease: the immune system mistakenly attacks the body (hair follicles) instead of defending it. 
*Alopecia Areata affects MEN & WOMEN equally. It can occur at ANY AGE, often begins during childhood or early teen years. It does not discriminate on race. 
*Alopecia is NOT contagious.

Rachel from Glam Polish kindly asked me if I could participate today by creating a blue mani, and I happily obliged. She also explicitly mentioned it's NOT needed to use a Glam Polish, she just wants to help raise awareness! If you want to donate without purchasing the polish (or if you can't purchase the polish, just like me) you can visit this website.

Last week I was already playing with Colors by Llarowe Rain, and decided it'd make a great base for my blue mani. I made stamping decals using Born pretty Store BP-L003 and Cirque Colors Midnight Cowboy. Unfortunately the decals didn't apply all that neat, probably because I always create them on top of topcoat and already had topcoat over my base as well. 

Even though the decals didn't apply the way I wanted, the combination is so gorgeous! And the perfect amount of blue as well I think.

Please take a moment to check all the blue manis on various social media outlets using the ‪#‎bluemanisforalopeciaawareness‬ tag, and consider donating something to Rachel's fundraise to help support the Alopecia Areata Association of Australia Foundation Inc. 

Have you ever heard of Alopecia before? And are you joining in with a blue mani today?

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