15 September 2015

Nail art // A dainty floral manicure using the Cirque Colors x International Playground set

Hi loves! This week I'll be showing some looks that have been sitting in the vault. I haven't had much time to swatch and play with polish last weekend (and I'm already scared for next week, because I won't have any time next weekend either..) but that's okay! Today I have a look that was created using the Cirque Colors x International Playground set, consisting of 3 gorgeous shades.

Cirque Colors x International Playground

Let's take a closer look!

The Cirque Colors x International Playground set consists of 3 polishes: Rococco (a gold foil holographic), Martinique (a moss green creme) and Carpe Diem (a white creme). Also included are nail stencils created by You Polish. I have played around a bit with the stencils but haven't them work for me yet. The stencils are very large, I can cut one in half and use it for 2 nails so that's a great value, but they are also very sticky so I'll have to try them again on a day old mani I think, to be sure I don't lift the polish underneath.

Cirque Colors x International Playground

To create this look, I started by painting both Rococco and Martinique. I used 2 coats of both, Martinique went on my pinky and index and Rococco on the other 2 nails. After Rococco dried I grabbed a dotting tool in a medium size and something to put some polish on (the metal backing of a stamping plate is my favorite). Using Carpe Diem I dotted little flowers on my nails, and using Martinique I created the centers. Because the flowers looked a bit.. floaty? I used some more Carpe Diem to add a few extra dots in between them.

Cirque Colors x International Playground

The Cirque Colors x International Playground set is perfect to create various nail art looks, if you need more inspiration check out these amazing blogs: Very Emily, The Polishing Life, Wondrously Polished, Amandalandish.

Because this set was created to celebrate the 5-year anniversary of International playground selling Cirque Colors, it's available exclusively in-store and online at www.internationalplayground.com

Cirque Colors x International Playground

What do you think of these 3 shades? And do you adore my little flowers as much as I do :-D? Tell me in the comments!
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