25 September 2015

Nail art // Glittery triangles over Chanel Malice

Hi loves! Today I have another post coming from the vault - I love spending time with friends and family in my weekends but it leaves too little time to work on the blog! And then there's this terrible tear in my index finger nail, which I luckily repaired using silk wrap and gel, but I can't use regular acetone and it drives me nuts!

Need more sparkles?

I created this look for a party a few weeks ago. One of my friends was celebrating both her birthday and her boyfriends birthday, and they decided to have a Great Gatsby theme. I could have taken time the time to fiddle with a lot of striping tape and create an art deco design, but in the end I did something a lot simpler!

My base is the lovely Chanel Malice. I still adore this polish, it's so sexy and smoldering! The lovely 2-coat formula helps too, and it dries down quickly which helps when you want to do tape nail art. So after it dried properly, I used some straight vinyls from She Sells Seashells to create the triangle shape at the bottom of my nail. The reason I use vinyls instead of stripng tape, is because it's less sticky and easier to apply in my opinion. Also, it's slightly wider than striping tape making it easier to stay inside the lines ;-).

The glitter is F.U.N Lacquer King, the most glitzy, sparkly, holographic golden glitter I own. Using the polish brush I dabbed it on the nail, creating an opaque finish. Quickly remove the vinyls and you are left with a crisp edge! After that all I needed was a layer of topcoat to create a smooth, shiny finish.

What do you think of this nail art look? Something you'd wear? Tell me in the comments!

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