28 September 2015

Swatches // L'oreal Mysterious Icon

Hi guys! Phew, time to take a small break from all the nail-art I've been doing! I was in the mood for something a bit more plain, so I thought I would dig trough my untried polishes and wear something by itself. And my eye fell in this tiny bottle tucked in between 2 bigger sisters: L'oreal Mysterious Icon. But when I was was putting it on I thought it felt familiar...because I had worn it before! Oops! Turns out I had misplaced the pictures I took when first wearing it and forgot to mark it as worn. So at long last, the pictures I took back then, because I liked them better than the new pictures I took. I guess I wore my nails a bit longer then. I might have to go back to that length!

Want to see more?

Mysterious Icon is a pretty good name for this polish I think because it's pretty hard do describe. In the bottle this polish looks like a dusty purple with golden shimmer. But on the nails the purple transforms into this taupe-y color!. It's actually really beautiful and much more unique than the purple with gold would have been. It applies really easy as well and dries to a very thin layer.

I'm really glad I accidentally found this polish again in my stash. It's so pretty and it doesn't deserve to be forgotten. I hope you guys like it too and see you next week!

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