29 October 2015

Nail art // Double Stamp All The Nails

Hi loves! It;s time for another monthly link-up with my girls from Paint All The Nails. I have been pushing for this months theme for a while now, and when it finally happened, I didn't go with my usual double stamping look ;-)! Instead, I went with a very abstract interpretation of the double stamping technique, and I quite like the results! Also, don't forget to check out all other participants at the end - can't wait to see what my girls did for this theme!

Curious how this look was created?

Before we even get to the nail art part of this look, you'll need a basecolor. This is to make sure you have a covering base so it's easier to add the marble look later on. I used Polish My Life Birthday Suit as my base. I also topped it with some quick dry topcoat to speed things up. While it was drying, I used Dance Legend Pure Manicure cuticle defender to make sure my skin wouldn't be smeared with polish during the next steps.

When your base is dried properly, you can start creating your marble. You can use more than 2 colors if you like, I just went with 2 because this was my first time trying out the technique. I put some drops of both Polish My Life Birthday Suit and Models Own Grey Day on the metal backing of a stamping plate. Using an orange wood stick I swirled them a bit, and with a large stamper (mine is from Bundle Monster) I picked up the polish. Apply it to your nail and you are left with a marble design! Be sure you don't push down the stamper too much - there is a thicker layer of polish sitting on the surface and it will cause the stamper to slide around the nail. I even managed to do 2 nails with one layer of polish!

After this dried, I used Bundle Monster BM316 and Born Pretty Store black stamping polish for my second round of stamping (okay, this time I did actually stamp an image ;-)). I think this design fits well with the marbled base! Add some topcoat and you are done ^^.

What do you think of my double stamping mani? And have you ever tried to create a marble using a stamper? Tell me in the comments!

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