08 October 2015

Swatches & Review // Celestial Cosmetics Halloween Duo & October LE 2015

Hi loves! Today I am sharing swatches of a new to me brand, well new to the blog at least ^^. It's all about Celestial Cosmetics today, an indie brand from Australia. Nicki creates a lot of pretty polishes so I was thrilled to give them a try, and these didn't disappoint! Since there are only 20 sets available of the Halloween duo, I urge you to act fast if you like them or you might miss out :-(.

Let's get to it!

Celestial Cosmetics October LE 2015 is the monthly limited edition, and it's Nicki's take on the October birthstone, opal. It's a clear base, with a white and purple shimmer and opal flakes throughout. I used 2 coats over a black base. While the base color applies easily and evenly, I had a bit of trouble catching the larger opal flakes. And the ones I did catch, needed some manipulating to lay down flat. Even though the formula was slightly troublesome, it still looked gorgeous against the black base. The opal flakes play nicely with the light and that white and purple shimmer is heavenly!

Celestial Cosmetics Halloween Duo Weave A Spell is one of 2 shades from the duo, only available as a set. It's a light blue polish with colorshifting flakies. Aaah, those flakies beneath the blue surface! So good! I was afraid the multicolored effect of them would be lost on camera, but it isn't ♥. The formula is on the thin side which is good - you'll have plenty of depth and flakies on your nail because of it. I used 3 coats for opacity.

Celestial Cosmetics Halloween Duo Witches Charm is the othe rof 2 shades from the duo, only available as a set. It's a purple based polish with a slight scattered holo pigment, greens sparks and iridescent microglitter. The green sparks are so pretty against the purple base, and the soft holo sparkle is just perfect. This was also more opaque, I used 2 coats for proper opacity.

Overall conclusion
While I wasn't too thrilled with the pokey flakies in October LE 2015, the base shimmer more than makes up for it. And then there's Weave A Spell. How could I not love that shade?! Such a stunner! Also, if you love purples, you'll love Witches Charm.

Have you ever tried Celestial Cosmetics? And how do you feel about these shades? Tell me in the comments!
Celestial Cosmetics is a hand-blended indie coming from Australia. The October LE 2015 shade retails for $11, the Halloween Duo is available for $22, both from www.celestialcosmetics.com.au. If you are looking for an e-tailer more locally, check the stockists page.

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